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Takara Legends Blackarachnia / Blackwidow elbow breakage

The elbows on my Blackarachnia broke at the "top", of the socket, the area closest the upper arm. Removing the elbows caused new cracks to form and now both forearms sockets are missing a chunk. They will not stay together no matter what glue I use.

I believe the issue is that the ball is putting too much stress on the socket, something didn't come out quite the right size.

I suggest if you have a copy of this figure, be very careful when handling it from now on. I've had two other people say that this happened to theirs.

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Re: Takara Legends Blackarachnia / Blackwidow elbow breakage

That is definitely unfortunate.

However, using glue to try repairing a ball socket is probably going to most likely be a losing battle. Glue is rigid and meant to hold a static bond. As you put the socket back over the ball peg that will often be just enough plastic stretch to once again crack the glue bond.

For joint repairs like that, I would use plastic weld or the easier to use Bondic and actually rebuild the plastic. I did an experiment last year where I left a little bit of paint thinner on the door wings of classics smokescreen long enough to case cracks and chips on the plastic socket...clear plastic no less...and then cleaned the doors and repaired the sockets. I have since repaired a shoulder on animated Bee, a chest flap on Energon prime, hips on sonic bomber and ricochet, put horns on a couple characters, put my broken in half potp Rodimus back together (then oddly rebroke him because, believe it or not, it helped the articulation on the forward movement of the legs of the smaller robot), and turned a mushroom peg into a ball peg.

All that said, it is nice that you gave folks heads up about this warning.
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