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you renegade maverick
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Your list of purchases for 2019!

Let's do it again this year!

Jan 12 -> Perfect Effect PC-06 (for CW Devastator) - eBay
Jan 18 -> POTP Tailgate & WFC-S4 RaceCarPatrol - TreasureHunt
Jan 24 -> Botcon 2016 Dawn of the Predacus box set (no Ravage) - (MonstaBot)
Jan 27 -> TR Quake & RiD Bludgeon - (Tonestar)
---------> Perfect Effect PC-23 (for POTP Dinobots) - (BlackSpideyBoy)
Jan 31 -> BotBots Burgertron, NailByter, Slappyhappy, Waddlepop & the PlopFather - ToysRUs
Feb 07 -> TR Ramhorn - (chaingunsofdoom)
Feb 24 -> WFC-S6 BattlePatrol -
Mar 08 -> WFC-S1 Firedrive, WFC-S2 Lionizer, WFC-S4 RaceCarPatrol & WFC-S5 AirStrikePatrol - ToysRUs
Mar 09 -> POTP Outback - TreasureHunt
Mar 11 -> PP-43 Throne of the Primes - Ages3andUp
Mar 15 -> POTP Skullgrin/LiegeMaximo & Bludgeon/QuintusPrime - TreasureHunt
Mar 23 -> POTP Submarauder/AlchemistPrime - ToysRUs
---------> POTP Blot - Winners

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wervenom's Ebay Auctions
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Re: Your list of purchases for 2019!

Jan 04 - Siege WFC Shockwave (EB Games)
Jan 06- Fansproject Ryu-oh (Dinoking) (Aeroshake)
Jan 14 - POTP Inferno (Walmart 1/2 price)
Jan 27 - Badcube Huff V2 (BigWally)
Jan 28 - Zeta ZB-03 Silver Arrow (ShowZ)
Jan 29 - Jinbao OS Gravity Builder Set C (ShowZ)

Mar 1 - MMC Inventa (Madhaus)
Mar 5 - DNA Design DK-07 POTP Predaking Upgrade Kit
Mar 7 - Zeta Toys ZB-04 Catapult
Mar 7 - Zeta Toys ZB-05 Downthrust

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g1 baby
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Re: Your list of purchases for 2019!

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Riff from "Into the Void"
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Re: Your list of purchases for 2019!

BST In Store Online Import Toy Show/Comic Fest/Etc


1/11 Siege DLX Skytread (TRU)
1/11 Siege DLX Cog (TRU)
1/11 POTP LEG Cindersaur (TRU)
1/11 POTP LEG Outback (TRU)
1/11 SS VOY Brawl (TRU)
1/11 SS VOY Ironhide (TRU)
1/11 8-Pack Botbots (TRU)
1/11 8-Pack Botbots (TRU)

1/15 8-Pack Botbots (TRU)
1/15 8-Pack Botbots (TRU)
1/15 8-Pack Botbots (TRU)
1/15 8-Pack Botbots (TRU)
1/15 5-Pack Botbots (TRU)
1/15 5-Pack Botbots (TRU)
1/15 5-Pack Botbots (TRU)
1/15 5-Pack Botbots (TRU)

Mp-43 BW Megatron
BST Feedback:

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Re: Your list of purchases for 2019!

goals this year
complete zeta bruticus
zeta superion
and the new release of tw devastator

first purchase:
jan 2nd mp 34 cheetor
jan 4th (thf ultra magnus for my friend)
jan 5th mp dinobot/mp primal toy version $250 for both!!
sg mp mp 10 $120
alien attack el cid $80
ko mp ratbat $8
tr misc novastar at occ for $35
mpm 04 movie prime. $80
clear mp 10 yoth trailer for el cid or mpm 04 $0!
xtransbot akrose $80
voodoo potion tfcon exclusive stealth animus (black ironhide) $90

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Re: Your list of purchases for 2019!

It's looking like it will be a lean year for me Transformers-wise. Let's see how that prediction pans out.

01/08 Siege Skytread - replacement for defective one bought in December (


Siege Six Gun
MP Hound
G1 Sunstreaker
G1 Wheeljack
G1 Mirage
Fanstoys Combiners


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Re: Your list of purchases for 2019!

01/03 - Hasbro Siege Deluxe Skytread (WM)
01/04 - Hasbro Siege Leader Ultra Magnus (EB Games)
01/05 - Hasbro Siege Leader Shockwave (EB Games)
01/21 - Hasbro Rescue Bots Academy Launcher Trailer Optimus Prime (WM)
01/25 - Hasbro/Takara MPM-06 Ironhide (
01/26 - Hasbro Studio Series Dropkick (Maxi)
01/29 - Takara PP-43 Leader Throne of the Primes Optimus Primal (

02/01 - Hasbro Bumblebee Mission Vision Bumblebee (WM)
02/05 - Transform Element TE01 TE-01 OP (Robotoybase)
02/05 - Magic Square MS-TOYS MS-01 OP (Robotoybase)
02/05 - Hot Soldiers HS02 HG-02 (Robotoybase)
02/05 - Takara Bumblebee Turbo Change TC-14 Optimus Prime (Ebay)

02/18 - Hasbro Cyberverse Action Attackers Ultimate Bumblebee (
02/21 - Hasbro Studio Series 35 Leader Jetfire (EB Games)
02/22 - Hasbro Studio Series 34 Leader Megatron (EB Games)
02/28 - Hasbro Studio Series 32 Voyager Optimus Prime (CMD Store)

03/07 - Hasbro Studio Series 38 Voyager Optimus Prime (CMD Store)
03/09 - Hasbro Studio Series 33 Voyager Bonecrusher (WM)
03/13 - Hasbro Studio Series 26 Deluxe WW2 Bumblebee (Toys on Fire)
03/13 - TF Dream Factory GOD-11 Destroyer (Geekstuff)
03/22 - Hasbro Cyberverse Action Attackers Ultra Optimus Prime (WM)

New Optimus Prime/Primal figures: 9
New Megatron/Galvatron figures: 2
New Bumblebee figures: 3
New Starscream figures: 0
Coming soon: rien.

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Generation 2
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Re: Your list of purchases for 2019!

Probably going to post only 'oddball' things (ie, not new Siege line type items)


MP-17+ Prowl
Takara MP-01 Prime
BW2 LioConvoy
Takara Henkei Classics Autobot Specialists

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Star Seeker
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Re: Your list of purchases for 2019!

My TF 2019 Purchases are:

1) 1/4 1ST purchase of the Year - Studio Series#20 BumbleBee Retro Garage #2 from EB Games.
2) 1/7 Wei Jiaing M01 Commander arrived way early from EBay. Looks so good, glad I finally ordered him.
3) 1/9 SS Dropkick and KSI Sentry from EB Games.
4) 2/19 SS Leader Megatron from EB Games.
5) 2/20 SS Leader Jetfire from EB Games.
6) 2/21 G1 Reissue Hot Rod from for $9.
7) 2/22 WFC Siege Leaders Ultra Magnus and Shockwave from TRU. Then price changed at BOGO sale.
8) 2/26 GI Reissue Optimus Prime from WalMart for $29.97.
9) 3/1 Shockwave Labs Sword for Predaking from EBay...very cool sword.
10) 3/5 Authentic/Evergreen Shockwave and Jetfire plus Walmart Exclusive G1 Reissue Starscream.

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Beast Machine
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Re: Your list of purchases for 2019!

Planet X Triton
Studio Series Drift
POTP Predaking
Perfect Effect Bludgeon Upgrade Kit
DC Multiverse Rookie BAF
DC Multiverse Harley Quinn
Marvel Legends King T'Chaka
MarvelLegends Black Cat

Studio Series Bonecrusher
Studio Series Jetfire
DNA Design Predaking Upgrade Kit
Siege Starscream
Siege Soundwave

....geez, I may have a problem!
Okay, hand me the bomb.
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