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TF Collecting tendencies

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share my TF collecting tendencies with you guys. Hopefully, someone will find this list(s) interesting...

I only collect on the following TF lines so far:

Cybertron (especially Scout Class)
Titanium 3"
Titanium 6"

I avoid the following:

"Legends" Class
"combiners" (Devastator)
Beast Wars
War Within

I "seem" to favour the following characters:

Optimus Prime
Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime
Certain slick "cars" such as Hot Shot, Clocker, etc.
Certain "jets" such as Ramjet, Sky Shadow, etc.


P.S. What are you tendencies?
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noodle a cup.
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Re: TF Collecting tendencies

I collect mostly transformers that are homages to the orignal G1 toys; some Energon, Cybertron and definately Classics, oh and a few Alternators....and 6'' Titaniums. I never did like the idea of Transformers turning into animals, so Beast Wars was not one of my favorite lines; I do like Cybertron T-Rex Megs and Monkey Prime, however.

The only G1 toys I have at the moment are a few incomplete transformers for when I was a kid, and just recently purchased a 99% completed G1 Grimlock.

I usually only purchase deluxe-size transformers and will buy larger figures if it's on sale; with the Masterpiece line and other japanese transformers being the exception.
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Re: TF Collecting tendencies

For the most part I try to complete ever line and Im still working on all of them. There is also a few here and there figures I like to get too.
I collect
Beast Wars
Beast Machines
Titaniums 3in & 6in

I also have
20th Prime
MP Megs
THS 01 & 02

and of course i'll be collecting the moive line. I usually buy deluxe and scouts classes first and then work on larger figures.
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Re: TF Collecting tendencies

Not really sure of my tendencies.

I love the whole Alternators line, so that is a slam dunk when they come out. (Please make more of these Hasbro)

I also go for the homages to the originals. Also, those bots that just catch my eye. There is not anything that I generally "avoid". I'm not a big fan of the 3" Titaniums.

Also, any thing the is labelled Prime pretty much gets picked up.
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Bite my shiny metal ass!
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Re: TF Collecting tendencies

I seem preffer everything since (including) Energon. Tend to be really picky on anything older. Beast wars/machines we great cartoons but the figures never did it for me at all. Actually, Blackarachnia bailed off a shelf two years ago, fell behind the tv and remains in the same spot to this day.
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Re: TF Collecting tendencies

For me the classics line is what got me into buying TF's again. Now I'm rounding out the classics ranks with unicron trilogy figures that are G1 homages. So far I have Energon Downshift (IE Wheeljack), and Cybertron Smokescreen. I'll probably end up getting Energoon Arcee, and Towline. Plus Cybertron Armourhide and Quickmix.

For beast wars I'm looking to complete a collection of the on-air characters (I still need quite a few but the 10th-ann Beast wars line has most of them). Plus Bat Primal to go with croc Megs.

I'm also looking to score the other Auotbot car and Omnibot Alternator figures.

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Hot Rod/Rodimus Fanboy
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Re: TF Collecting tendencies

I...... collect it all. That includes non toy stuff too (like comics, stickers, puzzles, candies... you name it). It's why my collection is so big and well....... it's hard to describe.
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Robot in Disguise
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Re: TF Collecting tendencies

Yes. I am also very G1 focused. Working on completing G1 figures up till the end of the Headmaster series on TV. Maybe I will collect more when this is finished. But I do get the odd figures here and there, like Primus & Unicron. But they are sort of G1 characters as well ... so ...
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Nexus Maximus
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Re: TF Collecting tendencies

My primary focus is to claim figures that are fun; hence why I bailed out on Alternators after Side Swipe and only got Grimlock when he was on sale because I wanted a G1-ish Grimlock.

If I find a figure to be no fun you can bet I won't get it; I'm also doing my darndest to avoid getting every single repaint of a figure or completing entire lines.

At the moment I'm working on Cybertron/Classics, but once I finish school and get that well paying job I can finish off the G1 Re-issues, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Armada, Energon, Universe and Robots in Disguise/Car Robots.
I may also get into the Movie stuff I suppose it depends on what happens; Revenge of the Sith inspired me to collect more Star Wars action figures Transformers the Movie might inspire me to collect their product line to a larger degree then the few I planned on claiming irregardless of my feelings.

I used to think of myself as full-bore completist, but then as time went on I did my darndest to escape that habit; some of the figures I was saying I wanted were really only being wanted because I needed to buy something Transformers related, which is not collecting for fun, but collecting for the sake of collecting.
I sold off most of my G2 stuff and a few Beast Wars duplication repaints, but I can't seem to part with anything else because quite frankly I never had that many repaints to begin with and certain figures are just too good to pass up. I really dig the Armada Demolishor and Cyclonus molds which is why I'm trying to get the Energon/Super Link versions and have amended my Cybertron collection to include Demolishor.

A complete list of the figures I need before I consider each series starting with Beast Wars complete is as follows...

Beast Wars:
Black Arachnia
Shadow Panther
Tripredacus Agent
Polar Claw
Optimus Primal
10TH Anniversary Rattrap
10TH Anniversary Dinobot
10TH Anniversary Optimus Vs. Megatron

Beast Machines:
Night Viper
Motorcycle Drone
Spy Streak
Rav Blue Repaint
Sonic Attack Jet
Blast Punch Optimus Primal
Possibly Primal Prime

Robots in Disguise/Car Robots:
Axer Vs. Sideways
Destructicon Bludgeon
Destructicon Scourge
Brave Maximus

Powerlinx Hot Shot/Jolt
Powerlinx Thrust/Inferno
Powerlinx Optimus Prime/Corona Sparkplug

Energon Strongarm
Energon Hot Shot
Grimlock & Swoop
Alpha Quintesson
Possibly Beachcomber
Optimus Prime
Black Unicron/Dead End
Sandstorm/Cannon Or Cyclonus/Crumplezone
Ironhide/Search Or Demolishor/Blackout

And that's it; Universe I'm not sure what I want anymore, but when I get back into it I'm sure I'll have it figured out... If you ask me why I listed all that I'll simply reply thusly; I'm an organization freak who keeps track of everything and enjoys making list after list of the same thing over and over again, so there you have it. Thanks to a little hunting a few weeks back I finally snagged BW Scorponok so kudos for me. I'd list all the Jap Beast Wars stuff too, but... Meh; can't be bothered.

EDIT: Forgot Cybertron and Classics Heh, heh.

Shadow Recon Team
Blastcharge/High Wire?
Scrap-Iron/Sureshock? (Can't remember who's with who.)
Optimus Prime Truck
CD Scattorshot
GF Vector Prime/Safeguard
Dark Crumplezone
Nemesis Breaker
Wing Saber
CD Red Alert
Metroplex/Drill Bit
GF Optimus Prime or Regular Optimus Prime; GF most likely easier to find right now.

Demolition Team
Dirt Digger Team
Night Rescue Team
Clear Skies Team
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime Vs. Megatron
Ultra Magnus Vs. Skywarp
Botcon Set if Possible
Undecided Soundwave
Undecided Cliffjumper
Undecided Devastator
Undecided LoC
Futre Classics Releases, Wait and See.

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Re: TF Collecting tendencies

I collect my shaven facial hair, and make mini beards for all my decepticons. It makes them look more tough.
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