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Re: Considering quitting collecting ....

I was never a hardcore collector but still cut down massive. Ran out of room, and didn’t want to go hoarder style. Plus the price jumps. Only grab the absolute must haves that are something special.
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Machine War
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Re: Considering quitting collecting ....

Why does it seem like everyone who feels burnt out from the hunt and pricing are all line completists?
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Re: Considering quitting collecting ....

Interestingly, the one thing I would expect to read from someone quitting the hobby is "this doesn't make me happy anymore", which I didn't read here.

Everything else is a matter of how you collect.
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Optimus B
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Re: Considering quitting collecting ....

It’s a little over saturated and price has a big part in it. It does get tiresome when there’s nothing new...maybe I’ll get there someday but for now I quite enjoy it.
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Re: Considering quitting collecting ....

Just quit no need to be melodramatic
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Beast Machine
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Re: Considering quitting collecting ....

No need to quit collecting all together. The prices and all the hard to get exclusives and poor distribution make us all want to just quit. Just get the ones you want and don't feel the need to buy everything. I have collected many other toy lines other than Transformers like Hot Wheels, Legos, Star Wars, Star Trek, He-Man, Megos, GI Joe, Super heroes and Funkos. If you got stuff you don't want by all means sell it. This hobby can have its ups and downs. I don't do conventions too much as most items are overpriced at conventions to begin with so I only go to local ones. I went to Fanexpo last year and I was very disappointed trying to get exclusives and most stuff was currently available in store I felt like quitting then. Hobbies are to be enjoyed if your no longer satisfied with collecting as hobby maybe it is time to be just happy what you already have. I hope you keep reporting when you find and see new items. You can still collect and not buy stuff too.
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Re: Considering quitting collecting ....

I'm working on a list of toys I want to sell. In all honesty my love for toys is certainly an all time low for me, especially on TF's figures. The price for value isn't there anymore. Same goes for Marvel Legends and SW Black series figures. I've been collecting a lot more Hot Toys and 3P 1/6 figures these days and even that has somewhat peaked for me. With Star Wars Saga ending, the Infinity War Saga over, i'm ok with stopping post 2020 preorders (for HT)

There used to be a time when I would look at my toy room full of TF's and smile but I barely even go in there to look at anything these days. I am even hesitant on buying Omega Supreme because honestly, I never once even transformed Trypticon which is unusual for me. Seriously. He is practically still brand new. I think that's kind of when I started to feel the passion disappear.
I know price has been part of it and yes I know HT are not cheap either but the value in TF/ML/SW toys for what we pay is just, I can't justify it anymore.

Things fade and as I get older I also kind of want less stuff in my house. If I ever had a fire or something happens to my home, hopefully never, there is a lot more loss that cant be reclaimed in those figures. They are better suited in homes that want them.
I am hoping to get a list of toys up for sale in a few weeks. Maybe let someone else enjoy them instead.
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Re: Considering quitting collecting ....

The recent price hike since POTP was a huge deterrent and made me not want to continue collecting. As soon as I heard that the quality got better though, I decided to just collect the figures that were of my favourite characters or were the most unique of the wave (I.E. Siege Springer!).

As some others have mentioned in this thread, space does become an issue after awhile, especially if you collect other figures. I've recently somewhat decided to stpp collecting Magic cards, but until then, I will be collecting Transformers/Marvel Legends. What I've realized over the years is that we all need a break from it to get back into it (if it is an affordable hobby). If it is no longer enjoyable or if it is beginning to negatively impact anyone then the best choice would probably be to purge some figures. Hope that helps.
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Re: Considering quitting collecting ....

When it comes to the price dilemma, I do 100% agree that the increase is a money grab because companies knows that people will pay, and the fad of collecting has been a huge influence, look how comiccons used to be (about comics, a few guests of actual value) and some toys.

Look how many cons there is now, I can't even keep up with them, but the last comiccon, entry being at 50$, I'm glad I missed going, it's just ridiculous at that price... you have to pay to go spend more money, and I really do not care about the activities, the guests, the costumes, ect...

So yeah... the money is what's speaking now.

When you see them drop prices to 75% off and they still make money off it, when you see the empty sockets, so less and less plastic used, less and less accessories, but still they use the prices of materials to excuse their prices...

But... what are the alternative to the Hasbro figures when you love robots? None really as most 3rd parties or other series are either the same prices, or a lot more... a huge lot more.

I collect the Soul of Chogokin for example but have to be very picky, 'cause at anywhere from 100 to 800$, it gives you perspective about the 30# deluxes...

But as others stated, at least the Siege is back to decent quality compared to the last few generations.

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Riff from "Into the Void"
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Re: Considering quitting collecting ....

My love for this franchise comes in waves. I was buying damn near everything from 2007-2012, but then decided to "grow up" sold most of my collection. Basically bought nothing but the odd BW fig from then to 2017, when I got into Titans Return, and have since re-bought a lot of figures I had prior to 2012, as well as others I missed in my time away from the brand. So if you think your love may ever come back, I would recommend holding on to what you've got.
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