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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

Originally Posted by evenstaves View Post
Throwing in a dibs on a spot, too bad this doesn't include yesterday or I'd have some data to post!
That's what the 2017 thread is for!
Coming soon: rien.
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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

POTP Vector Prime
POTP Micronus
POTP Liege Maximo
TLK Hot Rod
DOTM Sentinel Prime

TLK Cogman
DOTM Cyberverse Megatron
MPM Bumblebee

CW Motormaster
POTP Grimlock

POTP Swoop
BH Ultra Magnus
POTP Alchemist Prime
POTP Blackwing
POTP Rippersnapper
POTP Hungrr
SS Grimlock

SS Starscream
Cybertron Blurr
ROTF Chromia
SS Ratchet
Cybertron DLX Optimus Prime
Energon Omega Supreme

POTP Slash
FOC G2 Swindle
FOC G2 Brawl
FOC G2 Vortex
FOC G2 Blast Off
FOC G2 Onslaught
AOE Galvatron
AOE Drift
AOE Grimlock
POTP Moonracer
SS Optimus Prime

SS Crowbar
TLK Crosshairs
Armada Galvatron + Clench
Classics Optimus Prime
HFTD Ironhide
Animated Prowl
Energon Race Team
SS Lockdown

Alternators Hound
Cybertron LOC Sunstorm
Cybertron LOC Jetfire
POTP Sludge
POTP Snarl
POTP Cutthroat
POTP Sinnertwin

Animated Lockdown
Animated Sentinel Prime
ROTF Mixmaster
'07 Protoform Optimus Prime
TLK Legion Dragonstorm

Animated Blurr
Animated Safeguard
Animated Samurai Prowl
Animated Cybertronian Ratchet
Animated Soundwave + Laserbeak
Energon Wing Saber
Generations Darkmount
Animated Ratchet
Animated Bumblebee
Animated Optimus Prime
Animated Prowl
Animated Bulkhead
Animated Oil Slick

Animated Battle Begins Optimus Prime
ROTF Rampage
Prime FE Arcee
TLK Dragonstorm
POTP Wreck-Gar
Armada Tidal Wave

Siege Blowpipe
Animated Megatron
Animated Ultra Magnus
SS Shadow Raider
MPM Barricade

TR Hardhead
TR Rumble
BW Scarem
BW Retrax
Generations Centuritron
CW Viper
CW Bombshell
TR Kickback
Generations Skids
Generations Nightbeat
Classics DLX Optimus Prime
Classics DLX Megatron
FOC Onslaught
FOC Blast Off
FOC Vortex
Armada Starscream
Armada Hot Shot + Jolt
Armada Smokescreen + Liftor
Armada Laserbeak
MPM Optimus Prime
G1 Bumblebee
G1 Sparkstalker
G2 Eagle Eye
KO MP Rumble
KO MP Frenzy
G1 Free Wheeler
G1 Sunrunner
G1 Whisper
G1 Tailspin
G1 Cutthroat
G1 Blot
Universe Blaster + Blockrock
Energon Skyblast
TR Mindwipe
PCC Windburn + Darkray
PCC Darkstream
G1 Strafe
G1 Scattorshot
G1 Lightspeed
G1 Afterburner
G1 Nosecone
G1 Actionmaster Banzai-Tron
G1 Actionmaster Jazz
G1 Camshaft
G1 Override
G1 Scoop w/ Tracer
G1 Silverbolt
G1 Spectro
G1 Ultra Magnus
G1 Gears
ROTF Devastator
ROTF Optimus
Energon Sledge
BH Skystalker
ConstructBots Grimlock
Prime Cliffjumper
TR Skullsmasher
Cybertron Hightail
RID Sideswipe
RID Optimus
Universe Optimus
Universe Silverstreak
Universe Prowl
Universe Wheeljack
Universe Red Alert
ROTF Grindor
17 Mini-Cons
Battle Ops Bumblebee
Universe Blades
Universe Heavy Load + Drillbit
DOTM Ark + Roller
Universe Silverbolt
ROTF Demolishor
AOE G1 Grimlock
Energon Jetfire
Thrilling 30 Megatron
Generations Skrapnel + Reflector
BH Gigatron
BH Thunderclash
Cybertron Red Alert
ROTF Ironhide
Roadbots Hummer
'07 Bumblebee
AOE G1 Slog
Energon Demolishor
‘07 Armorhide
My Sales Thread & Wants Thread

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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

  1. Masterpiece Ratchet - Ordered
  2. Masterpiece Sunstreaker - just picked up
  3. Masterpiece Tracks
  4. Masterpiece Smokescreen
  5. Masterpiece Hot Rod

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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

My 2018 TF Purchases are :

1) 1/06 TLK Deluxe Cogman.
2) 1/20 RID Combiner Force Legion Groundbuster.
3) 3/24 SS Deluxe Stinger.
4) 3/27 POTP PrimeMasters Alpha Trion and Alchemist Prime.
5) 3/29 POTP Legends Roadtrap, Battleslash and Tailgate.
6) 3/30 TR HasCon Exclusive Deluxe Grotusque arrived thanks to my sister.
7) 4/6 POTP Deluxe Rippersnapper and Voyager Elita-1.
8) 4/17 POTP Deluxe Snarl, Sludge, Blackwing and Moonracer.
9) 5/1 POTP Voyager Hun-Gurr.
10) 5/18 TRU Exclusive SS Voyager Thundercracker.
11) 5/20 SS Voyager Starscream, SS Deluxe Crowbar & TLK Deluxe Slash.
12) 7/14 TFCon Haul-Rendsora, Generations Deluxe Soundwave, Cybertron Deluxe Megatron and Optimus Primal,
Classics Jetfire, ROTF Sideswipe and G1 Abominus Gun for POTP Abominus.
13) 7/18 POTP Optimal Optimus and POTP Inferno.
14) 7/20 SS Deluxe Lockdown + Jazz, Voyager Megatron + Brawl and Cyberverse Deluxe Shockwave.
15) 7/23 SS Deluxe Ratchet.
16) 7/27 WalMart Exclusive G1 Minibots Bumblebee, Swerve, Tailgate and Outback.
17) 7/31 POTP Walgreens/EB Games Exclusive Deluxe Wreck-Gar.
18) 8/3 POTP Terrorcons Cutthroat, Blot and Sinnertwin...finally !
19) 8/11 POTP Nemesis Prime, Rodimus Unicronus, Blast-Off and Repugnus all from Amazon.Com.
20) 8/14 WalMart Exclusive G1 Devastator set thanks to trade with jtkv.
21) 8/27 POTP Legends Cindersaur from
22) 8/31 POTP PrimeMasters Quintus Prime, Solus Prime and Megatronus.
23) 9/16 Armada Wheeljack from Fez and SS Voyager Optimus Prime.
24) 9/21 HTS Exclusive Throne of the Primes Optimus Primal and Authentics 5 inch Megatron & Starscream from Giant Tiger.
25) 9/26 POTP Deluxe Novastar, SS Voyager Ironhide, Deluxe Movie VW Beetle Bumblebee, Deluxe New Ratchet & Deluxe Shadow Raider.
26) 9/28 SS Deluxe Bumblebee#1 and POTP Legends Outback.
27) 9/30 WalMart Exclusive BumbleBee Movie 7 Step Changer Shatter & Titan Predaking from the TRU sale plus an extra 10% off.
28) 10/12 Bumblebee Movie Energon Igniter 4-step changer Dropkick.
29) 10/19 Target Exclusive Bumblebee Movie Cassette 4 pack and Deluxe Sized Authentic Grimlock.
30) 10/21 SS Deluxe Bumblebee with Charlie with the add-on parts and stickers.
31) 10/23 Cyberverse Deluxe Megatron.
32) 11/21 Amazon Exclusive Deluxe POTP Punch/Counterpunch. NOW my POTP collection is Complete !
33) 12/7 WFC Siege Battlemasters Lionizer, Blowpipe and Firedrive...let the Siege collection begin !
34) 12/11 BumbleBee Movie Igniters Shatter, Jet and Car versions.
35) 12/18 Studio Series ROTF Voyager Buzzsaw Starscream.
36) 12/19 WFC Siege Micromasters - 2 Autobot Pairs and 1 Decepticon Pair.
37) 12/20 WFC Siege Voyagers Megatron and Optimus Prime.
38) 12/22 WFC Deluxes Sideswipe, Cog, Skytread and Hound from the Hasbro Toy Shop deal.

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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

Lets see if I can stay focus...

01/16 Mastermind Creations Reformatted R-29 Aero Alpha --> SOLD
01/16 Mastermind Creations Reformatted R-16 Anarchus
01/16 Iron Factory Bridge Watcher aka Shockwave --> SOLD
01/22 Iron Factory War Giant Cannon Carrier --> SOLD
01/29 Mastermind Creations Tigris
02/10 Mastermind Creations Insecticons
02/10 Mayhem Mekanics Unrustable Spector Rogues General - TRADED
02/16 Mastermind Creations Furor
02/16 Mastermind Creations Riot
03/10 Mastermind Creations Spartan --> SOLD
04/15 Mastermind Creations Liger
04/15 HFTD Leader Class Starscream --> SOLD
04/15 Maketoys Vulcan --> SOLD
05/01 Mastermind Creations Calidus --> SOLD
05/01 Mastermind Creations Hexatron
05/03 Mastermind Creations Nittro
05/04 Mastermind Creations Asterisk Calidus --> SOLD
05/12 Hasbro/Takara Movie Masterpiece MPM05 Barricade
05/16 Mastermind Creations Stray
05/16 Mastermind Creations Ater Beta --> SOLD
05/18 Hasbro/Takara Studio Series Leader Class Blackout
05/21 Mastermind Creations Assassin Azalea --> SOLD
05/21 Mastermind Creations Paramedic Zinnia --> SOLD
05/21 Mastermind Creations Feral Queen
05/21 Maas Toys Volk --> TRADED
05/21 Hasbro Titan Trypticon --> SOLD
05/21 KFC Shattered Glass Transistor with 5 cassettes --> SOLD/TRADED
05/21 FansProject Comera --> SOLD
05/23 Maketoys Pandinus --> SOLD
06/04 Xtranbots Crack up --> SOLD
06/04 Takara MP-26 Masterpiece Road Rage
06/04 Takara MP-25 Masterpiece Tracks
06/04 1986 Vintage Tonka's Steel Monsters figure
06/04 Mastermind Creations Alt heads for Nero Rex
06/06 Mastermind Creations Collisus
06/06 FansToys FT-04D Diaclone Scoria + FT Scoria Alt head --> TRADED
06/13 Hasbro 20th Anniversary Masterpiece Damaged Optimus Prime --> SOLD
06/28 Mastermind Creations PS-09C Hellion Covert Ops PSX Exclusive --> SOLD
06/28 Mastermind Creations PS-09C Hellion Covert Ops PSX Exclusive
06/28 Mastermind Creations R-11D Demonicus with Power Cradle
06/28 Mastermind Creations R-31 Ater Beta
07/02 Takara Masterpiece Ironhide and collectible coin --> SOLD
07/07 Perfect Effect PE-12 Reflector --> SOLD
07/07 Xtransbot Hubcap --> TRADED
07/14 Hasbro 2007 TFTM Leader Class Nighwatch Optimus Prime
07/14 Takara MP-23 Masterpiece Exhaust
07/14 Takara E-hobby G1 Black Ironhide --> SOLD
07/14 Takara Masterpiece G2 Sideswipe --> SOLD
07/14 Takara MP-40 Masterpiece Rodimus with TargetMaster w/ collectible coin --> SOLD
07/14 BadCube Sunsurge --> SOLD
07/14 Maketoys GII Jazz --> SOLD
07/14 Mastermind Creations Convention Release Enmitus
07/14 Mastermind Creations Convention Release Uproar and Catcall
07/14 Mastermind Creations Convention Release Asterisk Stray
07/14 Mastermind Creations Convention Release Road Crane
07/14 Mastermind Creations Convention Release Offroad --> SOLD
07/14 Mastermind Creations Convention Release Thunder Prominon --> SOLD
07/14 Mastermind Creations Cynicus --> SOLD
07/14 FansProject Assaulter --> TRADED
07/14 FansProject KA-10 K-Bone --> SOLD
07/19 x-Transbots Andras --> TRADED
07/19 FOC G2 Bruticus Combiner --> SOLD
07/20 Takara MP-18B Masterpiece Bluestreak --> SOLD
07/20 Takara MP-26 Masterpiece Road Rage --> SOLD
07/20 Takara Masterpiece Clampdown
07/20 Takara Masterpiece Artfire w/ Nightstick --> SOLD
07/20 Takara MP-18S Masterpiece Silverstreak --> SOLD
07/20 Takara MP-25L Masterpiece Loudpedal
07/22 FansProject TFCon Columbio - TFCon Volar - Cubrar - Yellow Driver --> SOLD
07/25 Mastermind Creations Convention Release Thunder Prominon
07/31 Mech iDeas TFCon 2012 Exclusive Project Z and Prototype X --> SOLD
08/02 x-Tranbots Crack up --> SOLD
08/07 Maketoys GII Jazz
08/08 Takara MP-10 Masterpiece Optimus Prime w/ Vecto Sigma --> SOLD
08/20 Mastermind Creations Fortis
08/29 FansProject Code --> SOLD
08/29 Fansproject Quad U
08/29 Universe Ultra Class Onslaught with TFCon Stronghold Add on kit
08/29 FansProject Sidearm
09/14 FansProject Crox
09/14 FansProject Black Code aka Virus
09/14 Generation Toy GT-88 Black Judge
09/14 Mastermind Creations Magna
09/16 FansProject Sigma L
09/17 FansProject Assaulter

Feedback link...

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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

I probably will buy most of the POTP figures in 2018, except some of the letdowns like StarScream.
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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

January (-$142)
G1 Submarauder ($60)
TLK Steelbane ($10)
G1 Skullcruncher (SOLD $120)
G1 Brainstorm (SOLD $140)
G1 Thunderwing (gun only, $20)
POTP Skullgrin ($8)
POTP Slash ($14)

February ($20)
G1 Bomb-Burst (belt only; Facebook; $25)
G1 Iguanus robot (eBay; $30)
G1 Battletrap (eBay; $20)
G1 Bugly (guns only; Facebook)
G1 Bomb-Burst (gun only; Facebook)
Gobots Slimestone (no gun; Facebook lot; $72 total)

March ($100)
G1 Thunderwing (shell; local collector con; $50)
POTP Metalhawk, Cloudburst (MISB; Walmart; $16)
TR Fortress Maximus (missing Cerebros; Value Village; $8)
TR Blaster (missing Titan Master and gun; Value Village; $4)
G1 set: Ravage, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw (broken), Jetfire parts, Rodimus Prime parts/manual, KO Topspin, Ultra Magnus parts, Soundwave gun (Value Village; $5)
CW G2 Menasor bots/parts (Breakdown, Dead End, Blackjack, various weapons, all hands/feet; Value Village; $6)
TR Fortress Maximus Cerebros/Emissary ($0; Facebook)
KO TR Fortress Maximus SDCC sword ($25; eBay)

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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

Joining in this year as well.


Fansproject Pinchar - Madhaus Toys
POTP Vector Prime
POTP Micronus Prime
POTP Liege Maximo


LG15 Nightbird - teruo313
POTP Rodimus - TRU
LG58 Cloudraker & Fastlane - AmiAmi
TR Speed Set Quickswitch - dang3ross


LG-16 - AmiAmi
Custom Shockwave



TR Blitzwing - TRU
SS Blackout - Walmart
2x POTP Slash - Walmart

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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

First Bot of 2018 more to follow...
Generations Hotspot- 14.99 @ Save On Foods
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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

Originally Posted by Baryonyx View Post
January ($70)
G1 Submarauder ($60)
TLK Steelbane ($10)
I gotta ask where did you get Steelbane for $10 ? That's a good deal.
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