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Re: What are the best non-story related toys?

Do movie-line toys of characters that weren't in the movie but very closely resemble certain G1 characters count? Because ROTF Brawn, Bludgeon and Mindwipe are fantastic.

If not, I gotta go with two of the ROTF scouts: Sonar and Skystalker are the bee's knees. So far what I've seen of HFTD Tomahawk and Terradive is even better. Can't wait for that orange speary bugger.
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Re: What are the best non-story related toys?

Have to agree with Armorhide here. Roadbuster would have been a good pick too, but he's in a lot of IDW stuff, so I don't think he counts.
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Re: What are the best non-story related toys?

[QUOTE=Alexander Quinn;255475]TFTM Dropkick, Overcast and Long Arm are three of my favorite movie-verse figures, period. Overcast (also Dreadwing and Fearswoop) is an under estimated mould. I know a lot of people have issues with the drone style head, but I think it really works on that figure. It isn't often you get a jet-former done a little diffferently.

I gotta agree with you there just got Dropkick MOSC for $5 at TFCon and I love him his alt mode is SWEET, I didn't want to transform him but I had to, to see the figure. Love that the tailgate comes down and you can remove the cover and spoiler. I knew I liked the figure at the time but I had other priorities I got my son the Jolt figure at the time and he is sweet too I wish the purples matched and I never would've got him for 5 bucks anywhere else but TFCon, show me that my patience does pay off. My son who was 5 at the time got me Overcast and again I agree with you, now I guess I have to get Long Arm or should I say Hoist Mind you if I was really fussy, the figures were feature in the video game, lol.

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Re: What are the best non-story related toys?

The best figures with no story - Customs. My Negatron that NP made is awesome and the only storyline is whatever I feel like making up.
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