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Thoughts about Big Powered

I recently received my set and as always I did my amateur photoshoot and wrote up some thoughts. I've attached a few pictures but for more of them the link is as follows:

Seeing how this set is kind of a big deal, I thought it might be worth while sharing my findings on this page.

The set is... OK. It's certainly not bad at all, but I feel kind of let down by Dai Atlus.

All three have "base modes" which as always are laughably bad, and have always been as such for figures which are not actually bricks. This is kind of where the original G1 toy appears to have an advantage over it's contemporary remake.

The two Deluxes are solid, which is expected coming from retools of existing Legends/Titans Returns figures. Roadfire, to me, appears more altered in vehicle mode as robot mode still screams Twin Twist/Top Spin, whereas Sonic Bomber is very much an Altered Beast across everything.

I think that the blue turret as a weapon for Roadfire should have been thought out a bit more due to sheer awkwardness, but it's still not as confusing as the ease with which the lower body detaches from the upper body.

Dai Atlus is beautiful thing to look at across all modes, and being the Ultra of the group, received not only retooling but probably the most amount of paint applications. However, it's a disappointment to me because unlike with Super Ginrai, the actual improvements to the toy were minimal, if any, over Sky Shadow/Overlord, and doesn't take advantage of that toys greatest strength.

I can forgive the removable wings - or more accurately, parts swapping doesn't both me like it does other collectors.

As with Sky Shadow/Overlord, the legs are so hollow it isn't funny. They function fine, generally speaking, but are terrible to look at from the back. This is where a Super Ginrai level of remake would have helped.

The strength I mention is the fact that Sky Shadow/Overlord could separate into to vehicles. For.. reasons they removed that particular aspect of the toy and instead have opted to tether the two halves together with a flexible plastic chain. The best I can come up with is to help with the transformation into Base mode for Dai Atlus.

Speaking of transformations, you REALLY have to push the upper and lower body sections together otherwise it will not secure into a solid piece, another thing that you didn't have to do on the original toys as they just locked to one another.

Thus, that is the jist of my thoughts. If they had done more with Dai Atlus (the only one I really cared about) I'd have been ecstatic. But now, I'm just merely amused I own one of these Japanese exclusive sets
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