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The Future of Combiners (speculation thread)

So rumours of new combiners releasing in the generation line have been floating around for months now. Specifically starting with Menasor which includes a commander class Motormaster.

A recent unconfirmed leak list named the stunticons as releases for 2022.:

You think they will redo them all over the next few years?

How much do you speculate the price will drop on present combiners. Let's be honest, CW/UW Menasor is just bad. I imagine these stonks will sink hard.

Will parts forming be the way of the future for combiners? In all instances, parts forming combiners always look better. I imagine the torso figure will always be commander class and will include said parts to "justify" the $120+ price tag.

If you got the PotP/Selects combiners, do you see yourself buying the new versions?

Open forum, say what you like.
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Whisky Tango Foxtrot
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Re: The Future of Combiners (speculation thread)

I just hope that they maintain compatibility for once, instead of coming up with yet another new kind of combiner port.
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Machine War
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Re: The Future of Combiners (speculation thread)

I was sorely disappointed by the CW Stunticons. I’m happily in for another take on them, and am encouraged by the higher price points hopefully delivering better results.
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Re: The Future of Combiners (speculation thread)

Meh, the double-dipping for me is not going to happen with Hasbro, they'd have to pull a freaking miracle with the figures and their pricing and I don't see that happening.

Almost everyone that wanted combiners most probably got them with the Prime wars trilogy line, and I'd be surprised to see many being happy to spend the money a second time. If anything, redoing them "better" now could end up pissing a lot of people off I would believe.

For newcomers that missed them, it would be more for them, but again, the prices would be a defining factor too.

Personally I did get a few at the time and a bit after, mostly on sale or such, and even some KO as I couldn't justify the crazy aftermarket prices on some, and with the KOs being either perfect, even better plastic, some correcting some flaws, at a fraction of the prices, it's a no-brainer.

But after the newness passed, I ended up moving towards the larger versions from 3rd parties as next to almost any larger figures, aka leaders or such, the Hasbro combiners (aside Devastator and Predaking that were special ones) are barely larger and lack being "impressive" compared to a titan size/class one.

So, this to say that Hasbro has it's work cut out to pull the fans to re-buy the characters/figures so soon, but as everything I noted here, there is some potential, but I don't think that they'll pull me in.
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Re: The Future of Combiners (speculation thread)

Yeah I think they will revisit a combiner every year for the foreseeable future. It is smart to start with Menasor since he was probably the weakest/least G1 release during the CW years.

Going with a Commander and deluxes should make for a fair sized combiner. Probably bigger than the CW combiners. So that means a lot of people will probably get him anyway to go with the rest of the WFC trilogy figures (scale of course). That means the market will probably be flooded with CW combiners soon, more specifically whichever ones are confirmed to release.

By going this route it will be years before just the "main" combiners get done. So the second and third tier combiners will probably be a long time coming, or never. I sold my LeoKaiser for a pretty penny, and I don't see Hasbro getting to Computron before the others. Also the Seacons were just done so they probably won't be done either. So those molds will probably stay high value.

Predaking and Devastator should be redone, but maybe not right away. They just did movie Devastator so he won't need to be addressed for a trademark for another 4-5 years. Predaking should be done, but since he was a Titan there is probably less need to address him before the others (Bruticus, Superion, Defensor) for scale reasons.

I'll most likely "update" these guys while getting rid of my CW versions. Although I will probably wait until each one is confirmed, even though it is probably is a given that Superion is next.
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Re: The Future of Combiners (speculation thread)

Wish we would get some official legends scale combiners. Full size combiners are just too big for my space and the 3rd party ones can be a little janky.
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Generation 2
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Re: The Future of Combiners (speculation thread)

I started collecting during POTP, so getting Stunticons back than meant going to eBay. I managed to get two sets for a little less than $100 each - one set with Offroad and one with Break-Neck. Based on rumored sizes and current price points it looks like a minimum $250 retail to get them all. I feel like I might be happy with what I got, plus titan just takes up too much space in my collection.
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Alexander Quinn
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Re: The Future of Combiners (speculation thread)

At the end of the day I’ll buy them if they’re better, but not just because they’re ‘new’.
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Re: The Future of Combiners (speculation thread)

I’m overall happy with the CW Combiners and I honestly think PK and Devy look great in their combined forms (better, imo, than most of the parts-forming combiners). Their individual components suffer a bit for this, but are still good (maybe not great, though).

The smaller CW combiners are good overall but not great in any mode. I’m happy enough with Menasor but I am a Stunticon fan so I look past their most obvious faults. And being a fan of the team, I am all in for the new set rumoured to be coming next year.

I also hope they keep the same combining ports but would prefer stiffer ratchets in the joint itself.
*There used to be wonderful artwork of Menasor here, alas that is no longer the case.
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Robot in Disguise
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Re: The Future of Combiners (speculation thread)

Menasor was the one combiner I skipped entirely in the CW era. I ended up getting the CW Optimus and it was just so bad, I didnt want another one of that mold.
However, if the chest bot is a commander class, and the rest are lets say voyagers, the cost is going to be excruciating. It'll be 300 dollars for the combiner. Crazy.
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