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Transformers Shopping List Concept (Lite)

Hey Cybertronians.

I was recently thinking about which figures were on my conceptual shopping list, and it gave me an idea of a fun little way to see what others collectors are currently after. I thought about a way to categorize the figures I'm looking for and came up with a 5 tier system.

I understand a Transformers shopping list can be immensely huge depending on the collector, the collection and preferences, so I understand if some lists are short posts while others are longer. For the purpose of this post I decided to stick to one figure/group.

While I saw this post as a fun discussion/opinion thread, I would be more than glad if this became a tool that was used by other collectors. So here we go:

Tier 1) Fantasy

This tier contains figures that you would buy tomorrow or even right now if you had the chance. You would also get these if, perhaps, more funds became easily available for you to use. You love these figures and are just dying to get them into your collection.

My choice: Planet X Dinobots.

Tier 2) Solid Interest

This tier contains figures that you have a significant degree of interest in. To this end, you try to look for said figures in various ways, whether online, in-store or from other board members. The interest is to a level that perhaps you search aggressively for these figures.

My choice: Infinite Transformation Emperor of Destruction (MP-36 Megatron KO)

Tier 3) I'd Like To Have It

This tier contains figures that you have an interest in but aren't overly aggressive in pursuing them. As the tier title states, you'd like to have them and if you were to see them in a store for example, you'd likely pick it up then and there. Perhaps they are easier to find and therefore don't feel like a hassle to acquire.

My choice: Many Studio Series figures like the Contructicons, Blitzwing among many others.

Tier 4) Sure, Why Not?

This tier contains figures that are of slight interest to you. You are interested in them but aren't actively looking for them. In fact, most days you don't even think about them. They are either older figures, ones that don't exactly fit in the collection, ones that don't feel satisfying to obtain, etc.

My choice: A few Generations figures that have either been updated or succeeded by a Masterpiece release relatively recently. Generations Female Autobots come to mind.

Tier 5)

This final tier contains figures that are simply to expensive to whatever degree. Whatever your level of interest may be, these figures just can't get you or your wallet to budge. Even if you had more funds like Tier 1, it becomes less about you having more money for the figures and more about their prices holding you back. I understand this may feel very similar to Tier 1.

My choice: War For Cybertron Unicron

There's my list. It's subject to change of course. Apologies if some Tiers seem unclear or too similar. Hope you guys comment your own list as well. I'd love to see what the community is currently chasing.

Stay safe. Cheers!

Hear me and rejoice! Smile... even in poverty, you have become children of Hasbro.

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Re: Transformers Shopping List Concept (Lite)

- All CHUG stuff
- None of this contains newer ER releases.
- Not included is a list of upgrades for titan class figures.
- This list finishes my collection 100% when concerning stuff that's been released already.

Tier 1) Fantasy
  • Selects Seacons (seawing and lobclaw)

Tier 2) Solid Interest
  • See tier 1

Tier 3) I'd Like To Have It
  • UW Defensor
  • CW Bruticus
  • Collectors Club Dion
  • Deluxe Orion Pax from the Tribute/Evolution 2-Pack
  • Armada Primus

Tier 4) Sure, Why Not?
  • Iron Factory Scorponok
  • Titan Master Shuffler
  • Titan Master Skytread
  • Titan Master Clobber
  • Titan Master Brawn
  • Titan Master Terri Bull
  • Titan Master Loudmouth
  • Rodimus Prime Headmaster from Chaos on Velocitron Set
  • Mini figs that came with legend class figures listed below
    • Blazemaster
    • Reflector
    • Roller
    • Chop Shop
    • Waspinator
    • Payload
    • Flanker
    • Groundbuster
    • Venin
    • Eclipse
    • Spinister

Tier 5)
  • Takara Big Powered Set (over $200)
  • Takara Greatshot (over $200)
  • Takara Deadlock
  • E-Hobby Magnificus (over $150)
  • Takara Godbomber/Ginrai (over $375)
  • Siege Nemesis Prime (over $100)
List of TF figures I'm looking to buy:

List of TF figures I'm looking to sell/trade:


Video tour of my collection:
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