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Combiner Wars Conundrum

Well, finally tracked down Air Raid, so now have all the Aerialbots - along with the four Stunticon deluxes (Motormaster continues to elude me, thanks to TRU and WAL stocking practices around here not being very condusive to this hobby).

I'll just say up front: Holy damn - have they ever nailed it with these.

The thing is, they nailed it so well - I now have a bit of a conundrum...

Originally, I fully intended that these would display/reside in full combined mode - CW Superion replacing his original G1 predecessor - and CW Menasor taking up residence in my rapidly declining shelf space.

The "problem" I have now is that the four Aerialbot deluxes, Dead End and Offroad *look so damn slick* in their individual bot modes - I DON'T WANT TO TURN THEM INTO LIMBS!

I've got the Aerialbots in a great "team photo", and Dead End and offroad bein' bad-assed atop YOTH Prime's trailer - and I can't bring myself to move them now.

...I'm not buying duplicates.

In an effort to at least try out the "combiner technology" - I converted my least favorite of the (bot-mode) deluxes (Dragstrip and Breakdown) into arms - and Silverbolt into Superion's core - and connected 'em up.

Love the transformations - so well done - and the mobility/posability[sp?] is fantastic.

...but I remain stuck with 6 non-combined combiner deluxes, and a Superion-with-Menasor-Arms-And-No-Legs freak.

...I'm not buying duplicates!

Anyway, have to say, Hasbro really have done a heck of a job. Looking forward to the rest that come down the pipe.

(...and I'm not buying duplicates!!!!)
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Re: Combiner Wars Conundrum

Don't buy duplicates, just print a few pictures and put them as background with your robots.

sell/trade/wanted thread

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Re: Combiner Wars Conundrum

Totally agreed with the OP about these figures. I'm especially in love with how badass the Stunticons look individually. My major Combiner Wars conundrum is that I told myself I would only get the teams I really wanted... and I want all of them. :P
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Re: Combiner Wars Conundrum

These are definitely great figures individually as well as combined. The hands and feet are a bit lacking but a good attempt at multi functionality none-the-less. Space dictates I will be displaying them in combined mode but the dilemma does exist when you consider having them in single bot modes are just as nice if not a little more awesome.
Maybe take a photo of them combined and print out 1:1 as a background display photo behind the groups?
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combiner wars

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