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Sword of Fury=:p
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Henkei/Takara Hunting & Random Requests=:D

Hiya fellow TF fans,

I'm on da Prowl 4 some choice Bots... Please help and Hook me up!

Henkei Smokescreen
Henkei Sunstreaker
Takara Animated Blackout
Takara Aimated Black Electrostatic Soundwave
Transformers Adventure TAV 56 Nemesis Prime
Transformers Adventure TAV EX Jeffrey Prime
Siege Impactor
Siege Barricade
Siege Zetar
Siege Aragon
Studio Series Shatter
Studio Series Scrapmetal
Studio Series Rampage
Studio Series Cogman
Cyberverse Warrior Class Slipstream
Transformers RID 2.0 Legend class Fixit
Transformers RID 2.0 5 Step Changer Megatronus
Transformers RID 2.0 Power Surge Starscream
Animated Sentinel Prime
Animated Purple Shockwave
Animnated Samurai Prowl
Animated Shadow Blade Megatron
Animated Roadbuster

- Thanks In Advance=

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