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NIN's 2016 For Sale

Hi all,

Prices are negotiable and in CAD, and do not include shipping. Paypal only for shipping (usual gift or 4% if done normally). I can do local meetups as well in Calgary.

Please PM if you're interested. All items should be assumed loose, unless stated otherwise. Feel free to message me for a little more detail on the figure you're interested in.

For trades, here's my Want list:
Want List

Hasbro MP-10 Optimus Prime (MIB) SOLD

BW Transmetal 2 Cheetor $10 (Very loose, played with)
BW TM2 Megatron (MISB) $140

TF Movie Line:
TFTM Voyager Starscream $10
TFTM Leader Megatron $40
RotF Voyager Starscream $10
AoE Leader Grimlock $30
Takara AD11 Dispensor $30
AoE Rollbar (From Breakout Battle set) $10
AoE Vehicon (From Breakout Battle set) $10

TF Energon:
Energon Starscream $10

TF Prime:
FE Deluxe Optimus Prime $15
FE Deluxe Megatron $15
Beast Hunters Arcee $5
Weaponizer Optimus Prime $15
Arms Micron Ironhide $25 (Micron built, no stickers)
FE Tokyo Toy Show 2012 Clear Voyager Optimus Prime $140 (MISB)

RID 2015:
Deluxe Steeljaw $10
Deluxe Bumblebee $10
Deluxe Optimus Prime (TRU paint) $12

FoC Platinum Voyager Grimlock $20
Henkei Deluxe Hot Rod $25
FoC Bruticus w/ Boosticus Kit $100 (All loose and complete, figures and Boosticus kit retail colors)
Deluxe Scoop $12
Deluxe Ironhide (CHUG) $14
Deluxe Tankor/Octane $14
Voyager Classics Megatron $20

Animorphs Ax/Scorpion $25
Animorphs Visser Three/Inferno $25
Animorphs Visser Three/Hork-Bajir/Inferno $50
S.H. Figuarts Pteraranger/Mighty Morphin' Pink Ranger $200 (MISB, never opened the plastic wrap around the box)

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