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Re: pulsedragon TFcon 2015 sale/trade - more than just TFs!

Amiibos - All new and sealed

***Noticeable flaws will be noted (dents, creases, etc). If there are NO notes about the condition then they near mint condition.***
---can provide pictures

-as long as you buy more than 2 you get a discount! If you buy more, you get an even a bigger discount!

Super Smash Bros.

Wave 1
-Marth (NA 2nd): $35
-Marth (JPN): $30
-Villager (NA 2nd): $30
-Wii Fit Trainer (NA 1st): $60 and (NA 2nd): $40
-Samus (JPN): $30
-Fox (NA 1st): $35 and (NA 2nd): $25
-Link (NA 1st): $25 and (JPN): $20

Wave 2
-Little Mac (NA 1st): $60 and (NA 2nd): $30
-Pit (NA 1st): $50
-Captain Falcon (NA 2nd): $30

Wave 3
-Meta Knight (NA 1st): $50
-Rosalina (NA 1st): $50 and (NA 2nd): $40 and (JPN): $30
-Shulk (NA 2nd) $35 and (JPN): $30
-Lucario (NA 2nd) $25
-DeDeDe (NA 1st): $50 and (NA 2nd): $40
-Ike (NA 2nd): $30
-Sheik (NA 1st): $30
-Sonic (NA 1st): $25

Wave 4
-Ness (NA 1st): $40
-Jigglypuff (NA 1st): $40 and (NA 3rd - i.e. this year): $30
-Greninja (NA 2nd): $25
-Charizard (NA 2nd): $25

Wave 5 + 6
-Palutena (NA damaged -card bent in half but still sealed): $30 and (EU damaged - card bent in half but still sealed): $30
-Dark Pit (NA): $30

-Dr Mario (NA): $30 and (EU): $25 and (JPN): $20
-Bowser Jr (NA 1st): $30 and (EU): $25
-Olimar (NA 1st): $25 and (EU): $20
-Ganondorf (NA 1st): $25 and (EU): $20
-Zero Suit Samus (NA 1st): $25 and (JPN): $20

Wave "7"
-Mewtwo (NA 1st): $25 and (JPN): $20
-Lucas (NA): $25
-Falco (NA): $25 and (JPN): $20
-Roy (NA): $30
-Famicom R.O.B. (NA): $25
-Ryu (NA): $20

Super Mario Bros + 30th Anniversary + Others
-Toad (NA 2nd crease on top right):$ 20
-Silver Mario (NA): $30
-Gold Mario (JPN): $35
-8-bit MODERN Mario (NA): $30 and (JPN): $20
-8-bit RETRO Mario (NA): $25

-Chibi Robo (JPN): $25

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