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In desperate need of funds. Transformers and more for sale!

Trying to move the last bits of the stuff I don't have any room for. Shipping is probably around 13-15$ for as much as you want to anywhere in Canada. Local pick ups fine if you live around the area. I'm open to offers. Feel free to ask, worst I'll say is no.

Sgt. Airborne 12$
Python Officer 8$
Cobra Air Trooper 8$
Major Bludd 7$
Bull 15$
Cobra Trooper (Scar) 10$
Specialist Trakker 22$
Leatherneck 20$
Copperhead 7$
Zartan 12$
Sgt Flash 10$
Dusty 20$
Cobra Viper 6$
Cobra Commander(missing red helmet tube) 10$
Red Ninja 15$
Kwinn 15$

Marvel Cinematic Legends
Hulk 20$
Scarlet Witch (Includes giant Man arm) 30$
Falcon 25$

Nova 15$
Sentry 8$
Machine Man (missing alternate hands and one of the hand extensions) 5$

Cable 15$
Iceman with Toybiz Stand 18$

Watchmen 20$ each or take all 4 for 70$

Green Lanterns 8$ each or take all for 35$

DC Universe Classics

Golden Pharaoh 8$
Icicle 10$
Supergirl 15$
Mantis (Superpowers) 10$
Major Force 15$
Adam Strange 15$
Commander Steel 15$
Steppenwolf (Superpowers) 10$
Vigilante 15$
Tyr 12$
Red Robin 25$
El Dorado 8$
Eclipso 8$
Brimstone 45$
Starman 1 10$
Parademon (Superpowers) 8$
Dr. Midnight 8$
Rocket Red 20$
Jemm 8$
Starman 2 12$
Guardian 20$
Magog 10$
Kobra 10$
Cylcotron 8$
Superman Blue 12$
Superman Red 12$
Mary Marvel 10$
Captain Marvel Jr.12$

Legion of Superheroes 12 pack (together, no splitting) 300$

POC Jungle BAT 15$
POC Beachhead 15$
Low Light 10$
Frostbite 6$
Mawhonic 8$
POC Jungle Duke 15$
Iron Grenadier 10$
Falcon 12$
Dataframe 10$
Mercenary 10$
Skydive 10$
Spirit 12$
Deep Six 6$
POC Cobra Commander 8$
Swamp Viper 8$
Lava Viper 10$
Sub Zero 6$
Barraka 6$
Infinite Heroes %$ each or 30 for the lot

NEW! Universe 2.0 Cheetor Complete 15$
NEW! DOTM Air Raid 8$
NEW! DOTM Skyhammer 12$
NEW! Human Alliance Bumblebee w/ Sam Witwicky (official, not knockoff) 20$
ROTF Ransack 5$
ROTF Skystalker 5$

Falcon (Winter Soldier) 10$
Thing (comic pack) 10$
Namor 5$
Falcon (head swapped with Earths Mightiest Heroes Falcon) 5$
Stealth Iron Man 5$
Iron Man 5$
Rocket Raccoon 3$
Nick Fury (Iron Man 2) 15$
Wolverine (Origins) 20$


Ninjago Temple of Light complete 65$ SOLD!
Ninjago Golden Dragon (near complete, one of the bad guys is missing his faceplate.) 25$ SOLD!

CITY Police Dog Unit complete 10$
CITY Seaplane (plane, minifigure and instructions to build the plane only) 10$
Galaxy Squad Swarm Interceptor (near complete, a purple block has been replaced with a blue one and two dark grey gun extensions replaced with light grey. Builds perfectly)12$

WFC G2 Bruticus Set, Swindle, Brawl, Vortex, Blast Off, Onslaught, complete with weapons (instructions included for Brawl and Swindle, others are missing.) 35$
Classics Astrotrain w/gun 10$
HFTD Elita-1 10$
HFTD Axor 10$
ROTF Mudflap w/ custom pain job 10$

DCU Classics Wave 3 Sinestro 10$
Arkham City Hugo Strange 5$

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