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Getting rid of collection- low prices!


I am trying to get rid of the last pieces of my transformers collection. I want to get rid of these, so if you've got an offer for a lot, let me know. Buyer will pay all shipping costs and taxes. I am located in Canada.

All these figures are complete, and come their boxes. They were removed from boxes for display. All are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted.

PM me for more information. Prices do not include shipping. I only accept payment via Paypal.

Transformers Titanium

Cheetor- 5$
Optimal Optimus- 3$ (Small paint chip on shoulder)
War Within Fallen- 5$
Rodimus Prime- $5
War Within Starscream- $5
RiD Optimus Prime- $5

Movie #1

Swindle (Deluxe)- $3
Autobot Ratchet (Voyager)- $5

Transformers Animated

Shockwave (Voyager)- $5
Skywarp (Voyager)- $5

I’ve also a ton of bionicles that I need to get rid of, and that I’m selling in lots. Please make an offer for the entire set if you want. I’m posting them in lots below, but if you want a custom lot, let me know via PM. All of these include instructions and boxes unless otherwise noted.

Assorted Parts (includes parts from Makuta and the Takua & Pewku set, may not be complete. Also includes extra masks and pieces, and instruction for both Makuta and Takua/Pewku)- $2

Vahki Nuurakh, Tahnok-Kal, Nuhvok, Gahlok, Pahrak- (Set of 5)- $5

Rahkshi Set- (Includes all 6 Rahkshi)- $6

Toa Set- (Includes Onua, Gali, Kopaka Nuva, Tahu Nuva, Pohatu Nuva, and Onua Nuva)- $6

Thanks for looking!

Check out my TF sales thead!

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