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Re: Galvatron II - WIP

Update [7.18.11]:

Update: added some comparison shots with Classics Optimus Prime and Megatron (for those that asked).

Here's the link:


Original Galvatron II thread (first post shows the original work & first update on him):

Update #2 (from original thread):

Update #3 (from original thread):

Update #4 (from original thread):

Update #5 (from original thread):

It's been nearly a year since I updated any of this. I thought I'd just toss a few new updates in here. I need some honest opinions on this. I totally scrapped what I had, even though it seemed to inspire others a bit to think outside the box in terms of oddball parts (med bottles). lol

I picked up a couple of storage bins for my kitbashing parts and when I was filling 'em up, I ran across the G1 Galvatron legs (from my original Galvatron that I hacked to hell for my first Galvatron custom back in 2007/2008 -- found here: I stared at them for about a week and it ate at me until I decided to hack at them also and see if I could get them to work with the junk I already had going. I think they work well, but I think I will be getting rid of the G1 knee pads (the gray part behind the "what used to be" chromed knee sections).

I cut the tops of the legs down a bit and made sure they could still telescope like they originally did. I attached it to the legs after a lot of careful planning and cutting and I also left it so the legs can bend and rotate. The thing I'm not as happy about are the treads. I removed them from the forearms, since they made his forearms too bulky and thick, though I may put them back. Not sure which I like better.

Remember my Brawn WIP? Well, I used parts from TFTM Crankcase (the leg parts) to make hinged parts that hold the treads and swing down in alt mode. It sounds crazy, but hopefully you get it. It's attached to the back of the shoulder, keeping that G1 toon and toy dynamic, BUT the thing I hate about it is it seems to take up a lot of space on his back and it just looks bulky. It's not bad really, but I'm just not sure if I'll keep it down like this. I'm honestly debating going back to the treads on the forearms or making them parts-form.....though I'm trying to avoid that completely (with the exception of the arm cannon).

What I need is for you guys to check out these pics and tell me what you like/dislike about the legs and/or new tread connections. And if you have any ideas or tips, toss 'em in. I'm really wanting to build a kickass Galvatron on a much better scale to Classics Prime, Classics Megs, and the like. I can snap some pics with my Prime and Megs WIPs if you guys are curious about he height with these legs (I think he stands nearly a head taller than Prime and just a bit shorter than Megs).

I just got sick of looking at he medicine bottles on the legs and when I saw the G1 legs, it all hit me to give it a try. It does transform into alt mode better and look much smoother than the long ass legs that I had on there. While I loved those also, they were honestly just a bit too long, even with a knee pad test like I had originally mentioned). The G1 legs still telescope, so he stands around the same height, but in alt mode, they shoot in and give a better cannon mode.

(SORRY FOR THE HUGE AMOUNT OF BS--I like to lay it all out there and shoot ideas off each other and maybe help others out if they want to try if you don't like it, just skip to the pretty pics) Seriously though, thanks for any feedback on this--Galvatron was one of my first 'bashes and it was very well received, so I'm trying to one-up that one and do something fresh and new that others haven't on this.

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