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Thread: Repaints & Minor Mods My first real attempt at customization
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My first real attempt at customization

So a while back I bought Power of the Primes Inferno. The trouble was I already had Henkei Inferno, which was to me a much better version of this character for my classics collection.

So what to do? Well Power of the Primes inferno looks a bit like an airport fire truck rather than the standard city truck inferno is supposed to be. Then I saw reprolabels Pyro conversion set and it all came together. I almost bought the set but then I thought, maybe I could do this myself. Here is my attempt. The only modifications are paint, nothing else, that felt like my speed right now. What do folks think of my attempt at Pyro?

Pyro in vehicle mode with ladder fully extended

Pyro with cannon deployed. This mimics a mode you could do with the original G1 toy.

Pyro in robot mode

A slightly more dramatic look at robot mode

A comparison shot with G1 Pyro from the old Simon Furman Ultimate Guide. I don't own G1 pyro, I've never found one unbroken for a decent price, which is kind of why I wanted a classics version in the first place!
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