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Masterpiece, 3P, alternators, Platinum Ed, and more SALE

Hello fellow collectors. I’ve decided to sell off the majority of my collection in pursuit of another hobby. All bots have been cared for, from a non smoker, adult collector’s home. Tfs have only been on display in detolfs. Willing to ship within Canada at buyers expense. PayPal or EMT.Prices negotiable, but super low ball offers will not be responded to.Thanks for looking and happy hunting.

Masterpiece: All authentic Takara and Hasbro. Complete MIB

Takara Starsaber $140
Takara Ratchet $100
Takara Ironhide $100
Takara Hot Rod $60 - SOLD
Takara Bluestreak $60
Takara Prowl $60
Takara Tracks $60 - SOLD
Hasbro Yoth Mp10 Optimus $120
Hasbro Mp11 Sunstorm $80 - SOLD
Hasbro Mp11 Acid Storm $80 - SOLD

3rd Party: All Complete MIB

Mastermind creations Hexatron (1st Ed) $120
Fanstoys Scoria (1st Ed) $120 (SOLD)
Perfect Effect Warden with pe-dx03EW upgrade $200

Alternators: (repro labels applied) no box
Optimus Prime $50
Jazz $40

Car robots/RID: No Box
Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus combiner $80
Figure is missing missiles

Platinum Edition: Complete MIB

Hasbro G1 Predaking with (ko) Crazy Devy upgrade set, sword, helmet, hands, gun, and waist Armor. $120 (Sold)
Yots Optimus Prime $60

Mosc Generations Deluxes:
WFC Optimus Prime $30
WFC Soundwave $20
WFC Kickback $20 - SOLD
FOC Shockwave $20 - SOLD
Generations Asia exclusive Springer $20
Generations Asia exclusive Swerve $20
Generations Wheeljack $20
Generations Red Alert $20
Generations Thundercracker $20
Generations Thrilling 30 Thundercracker sold
Generations Thrilling 30 Skywarp sold
Generations Thrilling 30 Starscream $15 (still in bubble but off backing card)
Generations Thrilling 30 megatron $20
Generations Thrilling 30 Orion Pax $20

Mosc Reveal the shield:
Legends Megatron $5
Legends Starscream $5

Ko: Complete MIB
Masterpiece Red Alert $25
Masterpiece Sideswipe $25
Masterforce Browning (spring for gun is a little loose, still fires tho) $40

Books and graphic novels:
Covenant of Primus with Autobot case $80
The complete Drift hardcover $20
IDW Regeneration Vol 1 $15
IDW Regeneration Vol 2 $15
IDW Revenge of the decepticons Vol 3 $15
IDW Gi Joe:A real American hero Vol 1 $15

Transformers Complete Original series DVD set $30

Playarts Kai Batman No.1 $80
Playarts Kai Sfiv Ryu No.1 $80

Gi Joe: No box
25th anniversary Hiss Tank (missing missile and box): $40

Playmates Tmnt (loose complete):
Michelangelo $5
Donatello $5
Leonardo $5
Raphael $5
Classics Beebop $20
Classics Rocksteady $20

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