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Re: Toys"R"Us 1/2 Off Combiner Wars Voyager Class Nov 4th-17th

Originally Posted by Sun Swipe Prime View Post
Well, if it's a kid that doesn't get much, I'm sure they'll be happy they got anything at all.

When I was a kid, I only had 2 of the Constructicons, Hook and Scavenger. I played the F out of them and enjoyed every moment. Sure it would have been nice to have them all, but it didn't prevent me from enjoying what I had.

In fact, I cherished things more. Of the Transformers I got when I was a kid, I still have everything that went along with them, the paperwork, the sticker sheets, the box, the insert etc.

I think adults, me included, sometimes forget that kids can make fun with what ever they have. IMHO a lot of times, they don't want for much until they see another kid with something more.

I *never* had a complete combiner until I was 12-13 and was able to get all of G2 Devastator, new. I had Swindle, Blot, always seemed to have Scavenger and Mixmaster, Scattershot, Onslaught, an Aerialbot, Rippersnapper, maybe Strafe?

Never cared that I didn't have a complete combiner or even the kibble.

Anyway, I'm still hoping to get a second Sky-Lynx for ten bucks if he happens to show up but I'll probably clear out a few of the Motormasters for a toy drive. If I was a kid who didn't get much and my present was a big ass Transformer or anything that's normally way out of the price range I'd be ecstatic.

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