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Transformers Trading Card Game trading thread

Hello folks. This thread is an attempt to facilitate trading (or buying/selling) cards for the Transformers TCG between anyone here on the board (not just with me). This might be a little experimental, and if people have a better method to do this, please suggest.

I am imagining most people are looking to trade duplicates for equal rarity wants within their region, so perhaps stating whereabouts you are, what you have available and what you're looking for will be the best start!

I'm in the Guelph-Kitchener region.

Duplicates available for trade:
03/40 - Autobot Hound (long-range scout)
07/40 - Bombshell (insecticon mind-controller)
08/40 - Bumblebee (courageous scout)
17/40 - Dinobot Slug (hot-headed warrior)
19/40 - Dinobot Swoop (fearsome flyer)
37/40 - Starscream (scheming second-in-command)
10/40 - Chop Shop (sneaky insecticon)
25/40 - Kickback (cunning insecticon)
35/40 - Skywarp (sneaky prankster) !NEW!
36/40 - Starscream (air commander)
40/40 - Wheeljack (weapons inventor)

Looking for:
06/40 - Barrage (merciless insecticon)
15/40 - Demolisher (devoted decepticon)
16/40 - Dinobot Sludge (mighty stomper)
18/40 - Dinobot Snarl (desert warrior)
24/40 - Jetfire (air guardian)
31/40 - Prowl (military strategist)

Duplicates available for trade:
06/46 - Autobot Novastar (search and rescue)
13/46 - Breakdown (paranoid scout)
31/46 - Offroad (all-terrain soldier)
39/46 - Skydive (air warfare specialist)
05/46 - Autobot Mirage (counterintelligence)
23/46 - Divebomb (aerial assault)
26/46 - Grapple (autobot architect)
32/46 - Optimus Prime (gleaming commander)
43/46 - Thrust (supersonic interceptor)
17/46 - Decepticon Venin (insecticon tyrant)

Looking for:
02/46 - Air Raid (fearless flyer)
24/46 - Dreadwing (air defence)
25/46 - Firelight (sky high recon)
29/46 - Megatron (arrogant ruler)
38/46 - Silverbolt (aerialbot leader)
10/46 - Bluestreak (Reluctant soldier)
11/46 - Blurr (fastest bot in the galaxy)
33/46 - Predacon Headstrong (ground assault)
36/46 - Razorclaw (predacon leader)
42/46 - Sunstreaker (bold warrior)
44/46 - Torox (fueler)
01/46 - Acid Storm (toxic terror)
12/46 - Bombshell (decepticon ops)
20/46 - Dinobot Snarl (spiked battler)
21/46 - Dinobot Swoop (bombardier)
46/46 - Warpath (confident sharpshooter)

Hopefully this will gain a little traction and we can help each other unload duplicates for cards we don't have!
Enjoying the Transformers: Trading Card Game, and looking for people to trade with!

Also looking for Alternators: Decepticharge, Swerve, Prowl, Rollbar, Nemesis Prime, Rumble.

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