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Thread: Repaints & Minor Mods CW Mixmaster - 3D printing FTW!!!
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Re: CW Mixmaster - 3D printing FTW!!!

Originally Posted by Shock View Post
Wow, sorry to tell you this but manfredvr blatantly copied the engineering and look of the Perfect Effect Mixmaster addon from PC-06. Certain details in the bumber, grill, windows, mirror positioning, even details on the sidedoors indicate this is a direct unlicensed rip-off of Perfect Effect and I wouldn't sell this if I were you.

Nothing against your 3D printing skills but I would highly recommend PC-06 as a painted, polished, injection-molded, finished add on kit, even at $50 (which comes with other Devastator parts like shoulder, arms, cranes, hands, etc.) versus someone who stole the design and leaves a 3D printed texture and painting to do.

The new version of PC-06 fixes the floppy wrists too.
I think it's fine even if OP directly copied from PE. (I'm not saying it is a copy, which I'm not sure since I don't have PE add-on and didn't pay attention to PE set)

First PE doesn't own the license for this add-on anyway, it didn't register copyright anywhere. PE is just another 3rd party company ripping off of Hasbro 's intellectual property .

Second as we know PE's add-on is an expensive bundle which include quite a few parts, not everyone want all of them. If OP is just selling the truck add-on for Mixmaster, that's probably better for buyers.

sell/trade/wanted thread

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