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Re: Gamestop/EB puts profits over people

Originally Posted by Zenith27 View Post
So you're saying you don't blame the people that lined up to pick up their games at all? The company should have closed it's doors to save people from their own stupid selves?

Didn't you say you went out and picked up a copy? Is this self-loathing or?

I picked up two copies of AC, one for the wife. They were preordered months before anyone was worried about COVID. Wasn't going to shell out another $160 to get two copies elsewise. Had to go to the mall for groceries, anyway. Was there as the store was opening. The line was about 5 people. I was more at risk on the bus home.

I was required to sanitize my hands upon entering the store and was not permitted to peruse their new Earthrise stock. They had lines of tape on the floor to keep people from standing too close. Clearly, on the ground level, people are trying to make things safe.

While I acknowledge Gamestop/EB could have and maybe should have already been closed down, they're sitting on millions of these preorders. Knowing the company's financial hardships, you can't expect they'll jump at the chance to lose those sales. Hell, they're close enough to the edge of bankruptcy this could've been a finishing blow.

Now I'm not saying Gamestop has a moral leg to stand on here, nor am I trying to downplay the severity of the current pandemic, but they're a business. Capitalism rules their decisions.

I also find this kind of scapegoating is particularly unproductive. Sure, they should have been closed for public safety, but if beer and weed stores are staying open, I don't think it's fair to stamp on video game stores. People need something to do with all this quarantine time, and video games are far less destructive to your body than other "essential" retailers. People need to be allowed to have hobbies, things to do during this time. For one person that's a 6-pack every night, for another, it's a new game a week.

Attacking EB for wanting to remain open for one of it's biggest sales days of the year seems petty, especially when MOST of the stores in the mall the day I went were still open. Shoes, knives, nail salons... and unlike EB, they weren't doing anything extra to promote cleanliness and distancing.
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