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Re: Earthrise un-appreciation thread

Originally Posted by Alexander Quinn View Post
I feel... meh. I mean, sure, I like the figures Iíve seen so far, and would like to add them to my collection, but... Iím not really excited. I know Iíll grab Wheeljack, cause IMO theyíve never done a good Wheeljack, (maybe Energon Downshift was as close as they got for me), but everyone else? I look at them and think, Ďhey, thatís a nice Optimus Primeí, but then I remember that Ive bought like 15 Primes in the last five years, and each one gets just enough better to warrant a new figure. I feel like Iím getting milked at this point. The flip side to that, of course, is when they put out a character Iím not as familiar with I might not care.
Yeah, it's nuts. Makes me think of all the Snake Eyes toys when GI Joe was a thing. Each one was slightly better than the previous one, but then you have a mountain of Snake Eyes.
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