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TFs for Sale in TORONTO, MIB, loose, many lines

Hey guys,

I'd prefer to sell locally but I can ship if you make a large purchase. I can meet up with you in Vaughan, Richmond Hill and potentially North York. If you buy multiple figures, prices are negotiable! MAKE ME AN OFFER! I am also open to TRADE OFFERS and my Want List is below. If you want to buy a large amount or the whole lot, I am willing to give SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNTS!!

They are all loose, complete in near-mint to mint condition with no instructions/packaging unless otherwise specified.

BadCube Wardog -- 120
BBTS Exclusive Minicon Dinobots G1 Colors -- 20
CHUG Deluxe Galvatron (Takara release) -- 20
CHUG Deluxe Goldbug (weapons painted gold, energy blades still blue) -- 12
CHUG Deluxe IDW Megatron (stealth bomber) -- 12
CHUG IDW Green Minicon Triple Combiner -- 12
CHUG KO Wildrider (Hot Rod Mold) -- 12
CHUG Special Edition Dragstrip -- 20
CHUG Wreckers Ruination Set (they have regular weapons but NO MECHTECH) -- 50
DX9 Salmoore (Voyager Cy-Kill, missing one handlebar) -- 40
FOC Deluxe Air Raid -- 10
GDO Deluxe Swerve (Kup re-deco) -- 20
Impossible Toys Tetrajet Thundercracker -- 10
Kabaya Gum Overlord -- 20
Bay Movie Deluxe Lockdown -- 10
Bay Movie Deluxe Sideswipe Blue -- 10
Bay Movie Electric Deco Black Bumblebee -- 10
MP KO Grimlock Comic Colours MIB -- 100
MP Acid Storm Hasbro -- 100
MP Sun Storm Hasbro -- 100
TFC Uranos (Fixed loose hip joint+Reprolabels+add-on kit accessories, no chest mini-figure) -- 300
TFCC Exclusive Deluxe Armada Ramjet -- 40
TFCC Subscription Breakdown -- 40
Titanium SDCC Exclusive Menasor (Black Rodimus Prime) -- 40
WFC Deluxe Bumblebee -- 12
WFC Deluxe Optimus -- 12
Xovergen Trailer Force Master Armor MIB -- 200
XTransbots Stax (Pipes) MIB -- 60


TRANSFORMERS -- High Priority:
Jinbao -- Builder Devastator OS KO
Jinbao -- Feral Rex Predaking OS KO
Jinbao -- Warbotron Bruticus OS KO

TRANSFORMERS -- Low Priority:
Bearbrick - Optimus
Beast Wars Mutants - Razor Claw, Soundwave
MMC -- Carnifex
MP08X OS comic Grimlock KO
Takara Arms Micron Zamu or Hellflame Zamu (rhino, accompanied Breakdown)
Takara Lost Age Wheeljack Aeon Exclusive

GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra Quick Kick (TRU Exclusive)

Cybertron Leader Galvatron MISSILES ONLY

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