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Thumbs up REVIEW: iGear PP05M Medical Specialist

Ok So I just (FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!) received my iGear PP05M Medical Specialist (Not-G1-Ratchet)

I hesitated a whole lot getting him... Expensive!!!!!!!! but... ok ok here's the review...

I wanted to do like in the Price is Right and have a beautiful lady showcasing the toy... but I dont really have a sexy lady so Cliffjumper had community time to waste so he'll be showcasing his new buddy "Medical Specialist" Ratchet... he's Ratchet ok... not gonna call him by his fancy name "iGear PP05M Medical Specialist" ok?...RATCHET... end of story.

Alright here's what you get:

First thing first: HUGE BOX!!!!!! Such a tiny figure and such a big box... DAMN!

The box has nothing really interesting beside the cover art, the back has a lengthy story and basic preview of the content... nothing major (doing great Cliffy!)

Inside... I was impressed, not shown on any photos... Ratchet was rolled in wrapping tissue all carefully... this toy was packed with love...err... that sounds weird... so here's some Manly weapons, manly knives and other manly tools... more than Ratchet could ever want to use

You also have (thank god) the instructions:

On the back of the instructions... OMG MORE TOYS COMING FROM iGEAR!!!!!! the quality of the photo doesnt let you see all too well... but Each "Micro Warriors" are labeled "MW-0?" prolly meaning that iGear has probably other toys coming up so they dunno what number to label those "Micro Warriors"

Along the instructions, you also had a collector card (which is in plastic... Not cardboard or "plastified" cardboard... this is pure 100% plastic card... its solid and thick... nice!) and a loose decapitated head... basically same sculpt and everything has Ratchet's head but with a red helmet... I just dunno why it's not in the bubble pack with the other extra head.

And...... *drum rolls* Here's the main toy we all want to see: RATCHET!

errr Sorry Cliffy but... uh... Cliffy Riding Ratchet aint cool.

So: BAM! Ratchet! So awesome, he looks incredibly like his original self G1. I really love that... Nice details, the paint apps are dead on. you have tiny mirrors on the side with (somewhat) reflective stickers... the vehicle mode is absolutely perfect!

Sorry Ratchet, but we gotta check under the hood... See that? NO ROBOT KIBBLES!!!!!!! FRIGGIN' AWESOME! Oh and you notice this? The Tires? RUBBER!!!! YEAH B!Tó#3$!!!! You can also See the Heels which is the only Die Cast Metal the figure has. A bit disappointed that the only thing metal Ratchet has is his Heels... the heels aren't even "super" solid and doesn't hold the figure... he does stand perfectly fine... those heels just don't feel like they are needed, much less explain why those parts in particular are in metal...

For Transformation, I decided to make a Video, if you want to see the transformation, please follow the link here, otherwise skip and proceed to the rest of the review.

I have a tiny extra video... please view it as a caution if you ever buy that toy. The instructions were poor so they left me exploring the toy, I thought I found a part of missing transformation... and turns out I almost broke the toy and now ratchet has a stress mark on him. Which makes me sad, here's the video warning:


I really love the transformation... its not that hard, but its quite ingenious. I really love his look in robot mode. He's just perfect really. The plastic doesn't feel cheap at all. Pretty solid stuff. The delicate part of the transformation have all been thought out... like the roof hood on a plastic bar that slides all the way down to the back of his legs... it will bend a whole lot, but its a plastic that is suppose to bend and not break. it feels like it will one day break... but its not.

My only concern was that caution video I made. The instruction weren't super good and missed a few important steps, like unplugging the side doors, like I mention in the video. and Seeing the bumper with an hinge and the lower side doors that could go inside.. I forced a bit the front bumper to tilt down, and it created a really bad stress mark. that sucks.... it feels like a Trap... "oh lets put hinges on those place but not explain them in the instructions, this way a poor sucker will try them and break his toy!"

Here's Ratchet! YEAH! In all his Glory! Front Pict:

Back Pict:

Mandatory high kick in the air to show posability:

Ok here's what I was talking earlier, the Die Cast Metal Heels... its cool, Die cast is always welcome in a TF... but I really dont understand Why the heels. First: they're somewhat loose... goes up and down with ease.. so when in robot mode, posing him is a bit hard because if you put weight on his heel, it'll go back up and he'll lose balance. Maybe the Metal is to add weight on his feet for better balance, but why better balance when the heels are loose and cant really hold the weight of the figurine? Sure he stand up good, but as long as you dont count too much on those heels, the feet does a good job of holding the figure up alone.

Now I'm not gonna go into details of all the weapons he has...'Cuz he has A LOT!!!!!!!! So here's just a quick look at some of my favorites:

(Have to split, too many images lol)
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