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Re: Canadian Slag Episode 31 - Repaint This!

Originally Posted by Robimus View Post
My thoughts on repaints:

I really like them and frankly don't think that Hasbro does enough of them. If they add a new head the sky is the limit on some molds.

Just looking at the Classics/Universe line there is still a lot of possibilities.

Throttlebots = Classics Bumblebee. Thius has huge potential for Chase, Freeway, whoever.

Sunstorm = Classics Starscream

Aerialbots = Same as above on a couple.

Chromedome = Classics Hotrod

Swindle = Hound
AAAAAND more :P I've lost count all the ideas I've had with a simple head or weapon swap and new paint job

Originally Posted by Robimus View Post
Speaking of Longhorn/Bonecrusher, we got something on the go with him as inspiration out in MB. Stay tuned.
...oh dear

Originally Posted by Robimus View Post

OK, I here by ask that a term be created for general alterations by Customizers. Chris is always having rage issues over whats a "repaint" and whats a "headswap" and whats a "kitbash" and whats a "custom".
I don't rage, it's just profounding that the terminology gets lost or overly misused.

I'll let the real pros correct me if I'm wrong with the following

Ex 1) Just adding paint but not modifying the mold is a repaint.
Ex 2) Modifying the mold (even slightly) and painting it is a custom (albeit a minor one)...adding joints, and head/hand swaps fall into this category and as they too are minor modifications, usually achieved with a pop on or off of a ball joint/peg.
Ex 3) Heavy modification and painting is a kitbash, complete with completely sculpted parts, multiple parts from multiple figures used to make a new one, things are also taken from non TF products and turned into one.

So as some Metalhawk for the most part would fall under #2, simple modifications to the mold really just made him, some more "advanced" techniques like using putty where used in there but overall he wasn't that difficult to make. His weapons on the other hand...that sword was like 10 different pieces and precise cutting....took about 6 hours to make.

Now looking at dak's Nova Prime...oy that things got parts from like 20 Transformers, the cab is from a toy truck, the wheels are from another toy truck...many scratch parts and puttying. Definitely falls under #3. Now I wouldn't say I'm at this stage in what I can do....I'm working on something along this level but we'll see how good it is once I'm done. :P

Originally Posted by Robimus View Post
Anyway, there needs to be a customizing episode(if thats the PC term) with Dak. Touching on it when the almighty one is not present makes for difficult discussion.
Duncan's been super busy lately but once he's more available I want him on another episode. Problem is customizing is such a visual thing, it's hard to cover properly in a podcast.

Originally Posted by soundwaveCA View Post
Thanks for reminding me, if I had to choose one repaint that does kinda annoy me it's Sunstorm. Never understood why people liked him so much and always thought he made a very ugly-ass repaint. I understand the idea behind it but he just looks silly in the orange, especially that G1 repaint. I'm just thankful they mixed it up with Classics and went with Acid Storm instead, not a fan of it personally but at least you can see it as a jungle camo deco or something.
Ya...not a fan of Sunstorm can thank Dreamwave for exploding his popularity. But I like Acid storm, the colours look great on him, I wouldn't mind if they made a blue and yellow one with the camo to complete the Rain makers...but I doubt it'll happen.

Another repaint product of the DW era that just popped up time and time after it's reminder...white Optimus repaint, AKA Magnus....mmmmmrrrrmmm. Thanks DW for reminding us under the armor he's a white Optimus and opening the doors to white Prime repaint after white Prime repaint....

Though since the point of this episode was to look at the bright side of repaints, without the classics Magnus we would not have City there's a little ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel
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