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Phollen16 02-15-2012 01:05 AM

Selling my collection
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Hi and welcome to my selling page. All these guys come loose and complete unless noted. I might have the instructions so just ask and I will have a look. I am happy to trade, trade/cash or full on cash. Let's talk and make a deal. If you are wondering what I am interested in I have a list of my wants at the bottom of this page and will happily trade towards them.

My Holds list for TF-Con :

The more you buy the more you will save!;)

Look at my NON-Transformers sale here

eBay Sales page -

-Takara Optimus Prime MP10 - $300 - MIB Comes with trailer and accessories
-Takara Soundwave with 6 cassettes, no box - $300
-cassettes: Frenzy, Rumble, Ravage, Lazerbeek, Buzzsaw, Ratbat and Energon Drone
-Takara Hot Rodimus MIB $100
-Hasbro Starscream MIB $150
-Hasbro Thundercraker Loose $140
- MPM 07 Bumblebee $100 (VW version)
- MPM 04 Optimus Prime $140
- MPM 06 IronHide $100
- MPM 03 Camero Bee - Traded

Transformers Prime
-Takara Deluxe Megatron $40
-Voyager first edition Optimus with Starsaber -$80
-Voyager first edition Bulkhead with upgrade kit -$100
-Deluxe First edition Arcee -$50
-Deluxe First Edition Cliffjumper -$50
-Deluxe RID Ratchet $20
-Voyager Megatron with 3rd party Upgrades + Dark Starsaber $100
-Voyager Shockwave -$30
-Voyager Breakdown + Deluxe Deadend -$300
-Deluxe First Edition Starscream -$40
-Deluxe First Edition Vehicon $-30
-Deluxe RID Vehicon-$20
-Deluxe Takara Jet Vehicon Sold
-RID Deluxe Wheeljack - $10
-RID Prowl -$10
-RID Drift -$15
-RID Sideswipe -$15
-RID Steeljaw -$10
-RID Strongarm -$10
-RID Starscream $10
-Beast Hunters Arcee MOSC -$20

TF movie 2007
-Leader Premium Optimus Prime -$60
-Deluxe Bonecrusher Sold
-Deluxe Barricade and Frenzy -$15
-Deluxe Arcee -$15
-Voyager Optimus Prime (G1 colours) -$15
-Voyager Megatron -Sold
-Voyager Deepspace Starscream -$15
-Voyager Thundercracker -$15

-Voyager Banzaitron (missing knife) Sold
-Voyager Banzaitron/Bludgeon + Perfect effect upgrades - $50
-Deluxe Thundercracker - Sold
-Deluxe Skids and Mudflap - Sold
-Deluxe Armorhide -Sold
-Scout Dune Runner -(the lime green desert buggy) SOLD
-Scout Sonar - Sold
-Scout Sunspot -Sold
-Scout Lazerbeak SOLD
-HA Soundwave Sold
-HA Bumblebee Sold
-HA Barricade & Frenzy $50
-HA Jazz & Lenox Sold

-Voyager Optimus Prime - Sold
-Deluxe Drift $10 (blue Car)

Age of Extinction
-Deluxe Lockdown - Sold
-Platinum Crosshairs - $20 - $15
-Deluxe Drift $15 (Black and Red Car)
-Deluxe Bumblebee $20 Hold

-Convention exclusive Voyager Optimus Prime. $70
-Voyager Megatron $20
-Deluxe Barricade $15 loose
-Deluxe Barricade $20 MISB
-Voyager Hound -$20
-Voyager Nitro Zeus -$20 (painted Gun Metal Grey)
-Deluxe Bumblebee $20 Hold

Fall of Cybertron
-Optimus Prime + Ax Sold
-Megatron Sold
-Soundwave Sold
-Starscream Sold
-Thundercracker Sold
-Skywarp Sold
-Takara Skywarp Sold
-Bumblebee Sold
-Cliffjumper Sold
-Sideswipe Sold
-Jazz Sold
-Voyager Grimlock + King Kick Butt head Sold
-Voyager Blaster Sold

Beats Wars
-Prowl + extra Sold
-Ramhorn $10
-T2 Leader Megatron $20 (no missile and wheels)
-Universe Dinobot (Signed by Scott McNeil) Sold

Generations/TF Classics/Universe
-Henkai Optimus Prime MIB - Sold
-Classics Deluxe Mirage -Sold
-Classics Deluxe Hoist & Trailbreaker with 3rd party add-ons -Sold
-Classics Deluxe Ironhide -$20
-Classics Deluxe Ratchet -Sold
-Classics Deluxe Hotrod -$20
-Classics Deluxe Grimlock - SOLD
-Classics Deluxe Wheel-Jack -$30
-Classics Deluxe Warpath -Sold
-Classics Deluxe Wrek-Gar - Sold
-Classics Deluxe Tracks Sold
-Henkai Deluxe Tracks -Sold
-Classics Blurr -$20
-Classics Deluxe Drift -Sold
-Classics Deluxe Hotshot -sold
-Generations Deluxe Windblade $10
-Generations Deluxe Crosscut-$15
-Generations Deluxe Chromia MOSC + 3rd party shield -Sold
-Generations Deluxe Arcee MOSC Sold
-Generations Deluxe Wheelie -Sold
-Generations Deluxe Scoop Sold
-Generations Deluxe Orion Pax $15
-Generations Deluxe Bumblebee - Sold
-Generations Goldbug - $10
-Generations Voyager Whirl - Sold
-Generations Voyager Sandstorm -$30
-Universe Cheetor 2.0 - Sold
-CHUG Mindset -$10
-CHUG Tomahawk Sold

-Henkai Voyager Megatron -$40 (Has instructions)
-Henkai Senator Ratbat - Sold
-Universe Shockwave - $20
-RTS Cyclonus + Maketoys IDW Upgrade -$60
-Universe Ratbat (has Cyberkey) Sold
-Universe Heavy Load -Sold
-Henkai AstroTrain (comes with packaging) -$40
-Classics Skyshadow $15
-Classics Thunderwing $15
-Classics Lockdown $25
-Classics Tankor $10
-Classics Straxus/Darkmouth -$20
-Generations Jhiaxus Sold
-Generations Blitzwing with Upgrade kit $30
-Generations Double Dealer - Sold
-Generations mini Combiner $10
-Generations Armada Starscream $10
-Generations Stealth Megatron $10
-Generations Skybite Sold
-RID SkyBite $10

-Classic Seeker Set -Sold
Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, AcidStorm, Thrust, Dirge and Ramjet

Combiner Wars
-Battle Voyager Optimus Prime Sold
-Skylinks -$35
-Offroad (the other optional Leg for Menasor) Sold
-Prowl $30
-Alpha Bravo Sold
-Smokescreen -$30
-Hound Sold
-Mirage Sold
-Ironhide Sold
-Green Brawl Sold
-Menasor -Sold!
-Superion + PE Head upgrade & Slingshot - Sold
-Defensor -Takara Groove included - Sold
-Bruticus -With Upgrades - Sold
-Victorion -Sold

Siege on Cybertron set $200 (comes with Rodimus head and deluxe Hot Rodimus, the Autobot Clones and Perfect Effect Upgrades for Magnus prime. Does not come with Pounce or Thunderwing head)

Titans Return / Power of the Primes

-Scouts Insecticons (all four of them) Sold
-Deluxe Windblade Sold
-Deluxe Preceptor Sold
-Deluxe Blurr Sold
-Deluxe Hard Head -Sold
-Deluxe Kup -Sold
-Voyager Broadside loose -$20
-Voyager Sentinel Prime loose Sold
-Voyager Astrotrain Loose -Sold
-Voyager Alpha Trion MISB Sold
-Voyager Alpha Trion -$20
-Voyager Octane -$25
-Voyager Megatron, comes with a shapeways back cannon -$25
-Voyager Galvatron -Sold
-Leader SkyShadow MISB SOLD
-Leader Power Master Optimus loose + Renderform Blaster-Sold
-Leader Blaster Loose - Sold
-Leader Soundwave + Reprolables -Sold
-Scout Ravage MOSC and Lazerbeak MOSC -Sold
-Leader Overlord loose -Sold
-Leader SixShot -Sold
-Leader Optimal Optimus MIB + DNA DK-08+ (2 Articulated hands, 2 Shields, 2 Blasters) $100
-SDCC Leader Optimal Optimus with all 13 POTP emblems and powermasters $230

-Deluxe Battle Damage Megatron - Sold
-Deluxe Battle Damage Optimus - Sold
-Flip change Bumblebee - Sold
-Deluxe Swindle -Sold

Selling my Cyberverse/ Legend Movie figures

M1= Movie 1
M2= Movie 2
M3= Movie 3

M1 Optimus Prime $15
M2 Jetfire $15 (can combine with M1 Optimus)
M3 Optimus $20
M1 Ratchet $15
M2 Ironhide Sold
M1 Bumblebee classic $15
M2 Bumblebee Modern $15
M1 Jazz $15
M2 Jolt $10
M2 Sideswipe $15
M3 Sideswipe $15 -convertable
M3 Dino $15
M3 Evac $20
M2 Dunerunner $10
M3 Armorhide $15

M2 Megatron Sold
M3 Megatron $20
M1 Starscream $15
M2 Starscream Sold -has M1 colours
M1 Brawl Sold
M1 Barricade Sold
M1 Blackout Sold
M1 Blackout & Scorponok Sold - big blue
M2 Soundwave $5
M3 Soundwave Sold
M3 Shockwave Sold
M3 Sentinel Prime sold
M1 Bonecrusher $5
M2 Longhaul $5
M2 Rampage $5
M3 Hatchet Sold
M3 Crowbar Sold
M3 Crankcase Sold
M2 Skydive Sold

Transformers Prime Legends Lot - $70

3rd Party ALL Third party bots have boxes unless indicated

3rd party add-on for Hoist and Trailbreaker -Sold

MMC - Mastermind Creations
-Calidus MISB Sold
-Asterisk Calidus MIB Sold

SXS Rodimus $100 ebay

Microblaze Titan/ WFC Bruticus $280

Headrobots Stronghold + Onslaught- $30 ebay
Headrobots Butcher + Henkei Onslaught - $30 ebay
Headrobots IDW HardHead + shapeways upgrade kit. -$60 Ebay

Perfect Effect Banzaitron/Bludgoen upgrade kit + ROTF Banzaitron $50 ebay

Classics Nemesis Prime + Dark Parallax armour + Perfect Effect Dark Frenzy, Dark Rumble, Lazerbeak, Buzzsaw and backpack - $250

Make toys - Paladin / Chaos - The Fallen (Tall Voyager hight) - Sold

Iron Factory Thundercracker (no parts) Sold
Iron Factory Skywarp (no parts) Sold

DX9 War in Pocket Ratchet $30

Mech Fan Toys Megatron $40
Mech Fan Toys Chromedome $30
Mech Fan Toys Ultra Magnus $30

Fansproject MIB Parallax Armor + Ultra-Magnus - Sold
Fansproject MIB - Menasor $350<- Free shipping in Canada
Fansproject convention exclusive Slug ( brachiosaur) -$70 (no little rider)
Fansproject Dinobot Slag (Tricerotops) -Sold
Fansproject Dinobot Swoop ( Petra dactyl) -Sold
Fansproject X Sckullcruncher $100
Fansproject X Weird Wolf $100
Fansproject X Mindwipe $100

ToyWorld - Hardbone (no box) - Sold

Revoltech - take all 6 for $300
-Sci-fi Optimus Prime - $90
-Optimus Prime - Sold
-Megatron - Sold
-Hotrod/Rodimus - Sold
-Stascream - Sold
-Ultra Magnus - Sold

My Wants

My FeedBack link:

Thanks, have a good day.:canada:

martind 02-20-2012 03:04 PM

Re: Selling in Toronto
PM for junker Ironhide

Phollen16 02-24-2012 05:56 PM

Re: Selling in Toronto

Phollen16 03-01-2012 05:21 PM

Re: Selling in Toronto

Phollen16 03-15-2012 01:38 AM

Re: Selling in Toronto

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Re: Selling in Toronto

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Re: Selling in Toronto

Phollen16 04-05-2012 12:03 PM

Re: Selling in Toronto
Bump - Update

Phollen16 04-09-2012 12:29 AM

Re: Selling in Toronto

Phollen16 04-20-2012 12:53 PM

Re: Selling in Toronto

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