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  1. BScorpinok75
    09-01-2015 01:43 AM


    Macabre, as his name suggests, is quite the morbid Decepticon, reveling in death..collecting the badges from fallen enemies to mark his kills. He has an inferiority complex that, if given physical form, would make Omega Supreme look like a Micromaster. Thus, he tends to wear gaudy decorations on his armor and speak overly dramatic, though what most immediately notice is the oversized gun that he never seems to part with. He is constantly seeking to prove himself worthy of his comrades' respect, though he has a habit of putting himself or others in danger in his attempts. Primus forbid he ever become a leader. Macabre is the closest thing that Squadron X has to a sniper, thanks to his millennia of service as a professional assassin. He has razor keen optics and advanced combat training.

    St 9 I 8 Sp 7 E 6 R 9 C 9 F 9 Sk 9
  2. BScorpinok75
    09-01-2015 01:36 AM


    Triton has gained a reputation for cowardice due to his supposed tendency to abandon his post when danger rears its ugly head, but this couldn't be further from the truth. While he will likely never live down allowing -- to be captured. He is more than brave enough to face a small army of bots & confident enough in his skills to know he'll get out alive. He is highly intelligent & has a tongue silvery enough to give Swindle a run for his money, but his loyalty to cons is strong enough that there's no doubt of his trustworthiness. Although he no longer works in deep cover operations, Triton is Sq X's infiltration specialist, using his highly developed skills & advanced stealth systems to get into enemy strongholds & steal valuable information. Often paired up with T on such missions, wreaking havoc behind enemy lines. Although lightly armed, his...

    St 8 I 9 Sp 6 E 5 R 5 C 8 F 7 Sk 9
  3. BScorpinok75
    09-01-2015 01:26 AM


    Crosscut is an opportunist, taking advantage of any situation that seems beneficial to him and milking it for all it's worth. He often ends up getting himself in way over his head, but his tremendous luck usually sees him through in only two or three pieces. He is practically in love with the battlefield, fascinated by the destruction he can cause with his weapons and the reputation it can bring him.

    Crosscut is the primary air support of Sq X, often accompanying E & F to break through enemy defenses. Although he isn't especially skilled in combat, he makes up for it through superior firepower, having replaced his right hand with a double barrel energy cannon & his left hand with a smaller, more accurate single barrel gun. Altmode is a compact Cyb aerospace fighter, making him the most versatile member of the team in terms...

    St 6 I 8 Sp 5 E 6 R 6 C 5 F 7 Sk 6
  4. BScorpinok75
    09-01-2015 01:15 AM


    Tornado is vicious and bloodthirsty, but hides it underneath a mask of sarcastic aloofness. He is very proud of his speed, boasting of it often. He has no desire to succeed Valve as leader of Squadron X, but only because he's aiming even higher: The spot on Decepticon High Command originally offered to him by Starscream. Like the late Seeker commander, Tornado is prone to scheming behind his allies' backs, but he has shown a surprising affinity for subtlety in this regard. Tornado is skilled in both combat and sabotage, and is the fastest member of Squadron X. His altmode is a sleek VTOL, the turbines of which can be used to generate powerful windstorms. He often quarrels with Earthquake over whether speed is superior to strength.

    St 6 I 7 Sp 10 E 5 R 8 C 7 F 6 Sk 6.5
  5. BScorpinok75
    09-01-2015 01:12 AM


    A rough-and-tumble bot known primarily for his great strength and anti-authoritarian attitude. When the action starts, Earthquake prefers to let his fists do the talking. Despite his rebellious nature, he will proudly tear any Autobot to pieces in the name of the Decepticon cause. Strangely enough, Earthquake sometimes displays symptoms of a disorder wherein he obsesses over Optimus Prime and attempts, whether he realizes it or not, to emulate the Autobot Leader. Like Rumble, Earthquake can manipulate tectonic activity and warp the very surface of the planet underneath his feet, making it easier for him to get in close. He frequently gets into scraps with fellow Squadron X member, Tornado, trying to prove that his brute strength is better than Tornado's speed.

    St 9 I 4 Sp 4 E 9 R 4 C 7 F 8 Sk 6
  6. BScorpinok75
    09-01-2015 01:09 AM

    Function: Warrior

    Fang is a bully, short and simple. He's big, he's boastful, and he loves to push the little guys of the universe around. He has a cruel streak a mile wide, and he doesn't care who he gets to take it out on. He has a notable hatred of piano music, but it might just be another excuse to thrash some poor, helpless neutrals. Since he lost his vocal processor, he has taken to communicating with a particularly violent form of sign language, which has only served to make him meaner as a result. He has a tendency to hold a grudge for anybody who dares to step up and take him down a notch.

    Fang is enormous, both in height and bulk, and he has taken to decorating himself in sharp spikes to help his intimidation factor. He is built mainly for melee combat, with thick armor, nearly as much strength as his teammate Earthquake, and a powerful piledriver in place of his right hand. His feet contain laser cannons, which...

    St 8 I 2 Sp 4 E 9 R 4 C 8 F 8 Sk 5
  7. BScorpinok75
    09-01-2015 01:08 AM


    Valve is prone to bouts of indecisiveness, but his hatred of Whirl and the Autobots who allowed the psychopath to go free helps him to focus. Although he has proven himself loyal to the Decepticon cause, he secretly looks up to the police chief in Rodion as a hero, the only Autobot who tried to bring Whirl to justice, the last beacon of hope in a faction rife with corruption. He knows that Tornado is untrustworthy, but sees it as all the more reason to keep him close at hand, where his scheming can be more easily monitored.

    As expected of the leader of an elite team, Valve is a highly skilled warrior. Like his Spark brothers, he has a Cybertronian motorcycle altmode, armed with a pair of small cannons. Small and agile, the only member of Squadron X who can beat him for speed is Tornado....
  8. BScorpinok75
    09-01-2015 01:01 AM
    Squadron X

    - Macabre < BH or Dreadwing - Function: Assassin - "I'm not compensating for anything!" - Large Cybertronian Rifle, Knife

    - Triton < ENG Sharkticon - Function: Infiltration - "They can't even see what's right in front of them." - Trident/Spear

    - Crosscut < T/L Brimstone - "" - Function: Air Support - Double Barrel Cannon, Single Barrel Energy

    - Tornado < GO Starscream - Function: Sabotuer - "What use is your strength when I can move like the wind?"

    - Earthquake < AM Swerve - Function: Demolitions - "What use is your speed when the very ground beneath you is on my side?"

    - Fang < BH Bulkhead - Function: Warrior - "CRUNCH! SMASH! SPOOM! SHEEEEAAAAAAGH!" - Piledriver

    - Valve < GEN Junkion - "Better the tyrant you can see, than the tyrant who stabs you in the back while you recharge."
  9. BScorpinok75
    09-01-2015 12:57 AM
  10. BScorpinok75
    09-01-2015 12:49 AM
    Elita One - Resistance Leader/Recon Specialist (Red/Pink/White)
    Str 8.5 Int 9 Sp 8 End 7 Rnk 9.5 Cou 8 Frpwr 9 Sk 9
    Chromia - Tactician
    Str 7 Int 8 Sp 6 End 8 Rnk 7 Cou 6 Frpwr 9 Sk 5
    Firestar - Search & Rescue (Red/Orange/Black)
    Str 9 Int 6 Sp 5 End 8 Rnk 7 Cou 8 Frpwr 8 Sk 7
    Greenlight - Scout/Archaeometrist (Light Green/Silver/Yellow Green)
    Str 5 Int 8 Sp 5 End 6 Rnk 5 Cou 5 Frpwr 5.5 Sk 4
    Lancer - Archaeometrist (Purple/Orange/Lavender)
    Str 8 Int 7.5 Sp 5 End 7 Rnk 5 Cou 5.5 Frpwr 5 Sk 4.5
    Moonracer - Surveillance/Sharpshooter (Teal/White/Grey)
    Str 6 Int 6 Sp 9 End 6 Rnk 5.5 Cou 6 Frpwr 6.5 Sk 5
    Flareup - Grenadier
    Str 6 Int 6 Sp 9 End 8 Rnk 6 Cou 10 Frpwr 7 Sk 7
    Arcee - Warrior
    Str 8 Int 8 Sp 5 End 7 Rnk 6 Cou 5 Frpwr 7 Sk 9
    Vibes - Warrior (Red/White)
    Str 5 Int 7 Sp 6 End 6 Rnk 5 Cou 8 Frpwr 5 Sk 7

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