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04-20-2012, 02:11 AM
I'm not going to focus too much on the Doctor of Doom himself, but rather the reason you might get this import version, his Arm Micron, R.A.


Before we get started, I want to point out something about the runner that the Microns come on. On the left is Bumblebee's Micron and the right is from a Gundam model kit. Look at the Gundam picture and notice the thin section in between the runner and the part itself. Now look at the Micron and notice that it doesn't really have that thin section in between. The thin section is very important because it gives a gap to be able to position your tool easier and when cutting, there is less force being exerted, warping the plastic that causes stress marks that you see in Transformers and other toys. Plastic colour can be a factor too in how likely you will get stress marks and Bumblebee's Micron is especially bad. And that's not to say Gunpla kits don't get stress marks, they do, but having that thin section helps.

Here is Ratchet in alt mode:


It's not the completely white toy you may have heard about. The red there is paint but that's pretty much it in terms of colour. And as you can see, plenty of white spaces crying out for stickers:


The ones used up in the middle are for the Micron, the rest is for Ratchet. I won't be using the stickers for this review because I plan on getting the PRID version and probably will put some on that. Moving on to robot mode:


Woolf, that's a lot of white. If you only look at the head, it's got red and silver paint and it looks great, but only on the head. Anyways, kinda has a Autotrooper look to it. Now that is out of the way, lets get to the main star, R.A.:

http://i678.photobucket.com/albums/vv150/convoygtr/ratchet/micron/DSCF1198.jpg http://i678.photobucket.com/albums/vv150/convoygtr/ratchet/micron/DSCF1239.jpg

NOTE: The blue eyes I painted myself and all the black detailing you see throughout are done with a Gundam marker. And in person the gray is more of a aircraft gray rather than the brownish shade you see in the photos.

Anyways, there's something about the look on this guy that I really dig and I'm not sure why. I don't think this guy is a homage to anything like it is with Optimus and Megatron's Microns. Maybe it reminds me a robot from some movie. And articulation is basic shoulder and hip, front and back movement.


In the close up, on his forehead, you can see he has something reminiscent of those shiny disc Doctor's use to wear. Nice touch.


As you can see, R.A. is rough the same height as his Armada Minicon cousin.


Now, that is one good looking knife. This is the reason you're buying this toy for this three pronged blade of death. The peg on the side is a bit of a eye sore, but is needed so it can peg on in alt mode. Say what you want about stickers, but it really completes the look of a metal blade you wouldn't be able to get with paint.


I like the Micron feature of the jewel that has the faction symbol underneath that reminds me a lot of the Beast Wars Transmetal 2 spark chamber.


This is kinda odd. In the four pictures above are four slightly different versions of the same Micron weapon.


R.A. looks a bit too big mounted onto Ratchet IMO. Maybe I'm just too use to seeing the weapon he has in the show.

http://i678.photobucket.com/albums/vv150/convoygtr/ratchet/DSCF1189.jpg http://i678.photobucket.com/albums/vv150/convoygtr/ratchet/micron/DSCF1268.jpg

Hoo Ha! The Doctor is ready to see you now. On some angles that help to hide the combined Star Saber's hollow center, it can look pretty good. But angles that don't, really highlight that this trio doesn't really look like they belong together in this form. And the different colours don't help either.


And here a group shot and size comparison of the Microns. Again, the eyes don't come painted, you have to do that yourself.

Final Thoughts:

I like it a bunch, but in hand I think I still would rather have the show accurate dual wielding blades than one somewhat oversized one. And with the amount of sticker applications, know that you're getting into this more for the Micron and not as much for the TF itself. I'm not a fan of stickers so, if the Micron doesn't do it for you, get the PRID version. Interestingly, I don't really like Minicons that much, but that's how much I like R.A.'s blade form that I would import him.

Quick thoughts on AM-01 Optimus: I got AM-01 Optimus because I was going to get this mold anyways. This is the best choice despite having stickers over its PRID counterpart. The stickers are very minimal compared to others and the ones in vehicle mode are actually a plus being metallic stickers for the headlights and Autobot emblem. Yes, there are black stickers for the feet, but just leave them off, it's not a big deal and doesn't look too weird IMO. The Shockwave looking Micron is fantastic from top to bottom, bot mode to gun mode. Definitely worth importing if you plan to getting this mold of Optimus and is a huge upgrade to the weapon on the PRID version. Also, the Micron ports don't stand out too much in vehicle mode. Unlike Bumblebees....

Quick thoughts on AM-02 Bumblebee: Only got it to be able to make the Star Saber, I got two of the three Microns, so why not? Bumblebee has as many stickers as Ratchet does and Micron ports in alt mode are hideous looking that stand out way too much. Don't get it unless you love the look of the Micron.

04-20-2012, 06:31 PM
Wow, thanks for all this info. Very thorough review and info-graphics! I've only gotten the Skywarp and Ratchet so far and haven't opened them yet.

That Shockwave Micron is the BIZ!!!

04-20-2012, 10:08 PM
Wow, thanks for all this info. Very thorough review and info-graphics! I've only gotten the Skywarp and Ratchet so far and haven't opened them yet.

That Shockwave Micron is the BIZ!!!
Thanks. I kinda gave it away with the first line, which I should of left out. It's kinda of a joke/ironic review that while informative, is like 90% on the Minicon and 10% Ratchet. Because honestly, who cares about the stickerfied Ratchet when you're getting it for the Minicon. :)