View Full Version : Want to buy RID Grimlock, G1 silverbolt and grapple for trade or sell

08-23-2007, 07:02 PM
I had recently found in a store near home three of the construction guys from RID, it only miss Grimlock. Must be complete but not necessarily MISB, can be loose (no problem with that).

I also have to trade two G1 guys:
Silverbolt and Grapple
I found those two in a flee market last year ( the woman had many G1 caracters all incomplets like prime, powermaster prime 2x, galvatron, seespray etc, but only took two) i bought it under compulsion and after that i think the prices was too high regarding the conditions of the two. Don't have any accessories and the toys are very used. I don't want higher price that what i paid, could be same price or lower or be part of an exchange. I prefere here in quebec area or maybe 150km around to meet in person. For more details or pictures PM me.