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08-26-2011, 03:32 PM
JB-00 Junkion Blacksmith Infinity Warfare Red

This set is primarily intended to be used with your G1 Predaking. Designed to give him articulated hands, shoulder cannons, and most of all, a huge badass sword, as opposed to his itty bitty...

But the true beauty of this set is that every part of it can piecemealed out and used with other figures. Any figure with a 5mm port can use something from this set. Meaning there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of figures from every line in Transformers history that can use the weapons from this set. From G1 to BW to Armada to Classics to even DOTM.

And when I get some fresh batteries for my camera, maybe I'll do some shots of Predaking and other figures from various lines using this set. But until then WFC Nemesis Prime, the figure I bought this set specifically for, will be modeling this set for us.

Story time! Meet Nemesis Prime and Megaplex. They've just escaped from a Decepticon lab designed to clone the Autobots and Decepticons respective leaders. Nemesis Prime was intended to be an evil copy of Optimus Prime designed to infiltrate the Autobots ranks and sabotage their operations from the inside. Megaplex was basically intend to be a decoy for Megatron. So that any would be assassins would take him offline instead of their true leader. Obviously things have gone awry. They've gained sentience and don't want to be slaves to the Decepticons will waiting to be disposed of.

Megaplex: Hehe. Mine's bigger.
Nemesis: Huh? ... grumble grumble ... Wait here! I'll be back.

Megaplex: sigh
Nemesis(Offcamera): Where's the slaggin' armory?!

Nemesis: Ahhhh!

Nemesis: Let's get to work.

The coolest thing about this set is that the big badass Predaking sword can be separated into 5 individual swords. This is the central sword. Somewhat similar to Drifts sword.
Nemesis: Hmm...it's a start.

These 2 scimitar like swords form the tip of the bigger blade.
Nemesis: Swish! Swish!

Another awesome thing about them is you can combine the various pieces into almost infinite combinations. Here we have the 2 top swords combined with the 2 bottom swords as 2 very long swords. Oh, I just got it! Infinite!
Nemesis: Swosh! Swosh!

You also get in the set a pair of Wolverine-like claws. Intended to go on the Predaking hands.
Nemesis: Wolverine who?

There's also the option to give him rather Hot Rod-esque guns. Again, probably intended to go on the Predaking hands to give him a little more firepower.
Nemesis: Hot Rod who?

Also with this set you get some shoulder cannons for your Predaking. Ofcourse, other figures can utilize them as well.
Nemesis: I need guns. Lot's of guns.

You can do a lot with this set if you have even the tiniest bit of imagination. For example, the "bottom swords" can also be used as guns.
Nemesis: Hmm...these work both ways.

And ofcourse, there's the big daddy sword.
Nemesis: Oh yeah! Daddy like.

But again, you are only limited by your imagination.
Nemesis: Alright. I think that's everything.

This is an awesome set. Whether you intend to use it for you Predaking, or if you piece it out among your other figures who are in desperate need of a weapons upgrade, this set is well worth the $35 price tag.
Nemesis: I'm ready!

I can't wait for the second Infinity Warfare set.
Nemesis: Wut?
Megaplex: facepalm


08-26-2011, 04:22 PM
very cool

08-26-2011, 05:02 PM
Oh hey, I forgot. In the vein of imagination, here's one shot I couldn't squeeze into the main post.

Big hands mode!
Nemesis: Hugs?

08-26-2011, 08:18 PM
lol, this set is awesome with that mold. Now seriously considering the weapon kits.

The 12th Prime
08-29-2011, 12:10 AM
Some great ideas there and I was thinking of buying a silly little axe to go with mine, lol!