View Full Version : IDW TF Chaos 1 (issue #21)

07-07-2011, 09:36 PM
I just finished reading the new story arc for the ongoing TF publishing from IDW. I find it to be very strange so far. I have only collected various issue of the ongoing and have fallen out of sync. Reading this I am enlightened to find Bumblebee has some questionable leadership responsibilites. It will be interesting to see how that develops now that a handful remains. Magnus having to answer to him should be rather awkward I imagine. Prowl is just telling him want he wants to hear and is threatened by the human unpredictable equation. I am liking that.
I don't get how Galvatron and Megatron can simulatenously exist... I have fallen out of that story arc. I haven't read any Heart of Darkness and not sure how it ties in with Infestation.
So far the story is an exodus from Earth to stop an unknown threat that Galvatron poses while carting Megatron in the brig. A return of classic characters by means unknown. Is Ironhide really him? Sunstreakers treachers forgiven so it seems. The Matrix back with OP and the bestowing of Rodimus' his new moniker. Hot Rod no more. It has begun...

Chaos 2 (Issue #22) bi weekly.