View Full Version : Transformers Drift #4

11-03-2010, 12:21 AM

Written by Shane McCarthy
Art by Alex Milne
Colors by Josh Perez

11-03-2010, 08:53 AM
Although I haven't read the first three, I have to say that the fourth one I picked up at C4 is pretty good. Not the strongest story ever, but passable. The artwork is top notch! Alex Milne is slowly becoming one of my favourite TF artists!

11-03-2010, 09:21 AM
This is a great conclusion to an excellent origins story. I personally found the Dai Atlas section of the story really good, with him struggling with his ideals and in the end finally doing what is right.

I loved the alien slavers as well, how they are working with the Decepticons and just down right nasty folk.

The last full page panel of Drift in Japan is an incredible bit of art worthy of a cover.

Overall I really liked this series. My only real critique would be that Lockdown was completely unneeded to the story. He really didn't even work for me as a cameo as he just seemed kinda forced in where he didn't belong. But of course his role is a small one and everything else works great.

Two thumbs up!

chans formers
11-03-2010, 09:39 AM
i liked the finish to this series.
daiatlas had some really nice character developement,but in a way i wanted to see him kick more @ss!!!!!

i liked the somewhat decent amount of "gore" included too,it helps it stay somewhat real.(imho)