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06-15-2007, 07:26 PM
Bought a G1 Ironhide from me. Great communication, good to his word. Highly Recommended.

03-28-2008, 06:10 PM
Sold a TFC reissue Kup+Wheelie to devastator137. Paid quickly, communication was great. Definitely highly recommended. :)

04-06-2008, 05:08 PM
nice dealing with you again! if u ever want to sell your other energon figures! lol

04-09-2008, 01:04 PM
Sold some photobooks to him; payment was fast and communication was great. Can't ask for more than that!

Unicron's Toys
04-15-2008, 06:30 PM
Great person to deal with. No problems, fast payment. Hope we can deal together again in the future.

05-07-2008, 07:25 PM
thanks for all the goodies! nice trading again!

07-21-2008, 11:53 PM
Bought a bunch of figures and miscellaneous stuff from him, and he got something from me, too. Great guy, great deals, great selection. Very friendly and easy to deal with and have just plain old conversation. Will look forward to more in the future.

07-03-2009, 01:38 AM
Sold a few G1 figures to him, very fast payment, excellent buyer, would love to sell stuff to him again!

10-08-2009, 04:12 PM
Quick and smooth transaction, definitely someone I would deal with again.

04-16-2010, 08:22 PM
Awesome guy and very true to his word. Shame he needs to do what he is doing to his collection, but that will give him the fun of rebuilding it all over again!

04-17-2010, 07:07 PM
Bought a bunch of bots from him. Good guy. Very easy to deal with.

Thanks again!

04-17-2010, 08:21 PM
Dealt with devestator137 again today and another great deal!! Thanks a lot Bro.

05-25-2010, 02:17 PM
Great to deal with. Wonderful prices and awesome communication, despite the circumstances around when I bought the stuff from him. A real please and I would deal with him again in a second.


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05-29-2010, 02:45 PM
Great guy to deal with. Sold me something and then I returned with a bunch of my own stuff and we worked out a little trade. Look forward to dealing with him again in the future!


07-02-2011, 09:26 PM
Just met up with him today. He sold me animated leader Ultra Magnus, animated voyager wreck-gar, and alternators Hound for a very, very fair price. Was very nice.

Not only would I do business with him again, but I already plan to do business with him again as soon as I build up some cash.

07-30-2011, 11:27 AM
As I had said in my last post, I had planned to business with him again and as a matter of fact did. I bought three alternators for a more than fair price. He brought them to me once again. Was very friendly, highly recommended.

08-05-2011, 03:13 AM
Bought some G1s from him and they arrived as described or better mainly. Overall, good communication, good packing, good prices and very fair!

Refunded difference in shipping, which is very appreciated!

Would definitely do business with again in the future.