View Full Version : Wanted 1 Armada Airazor Tail

06-05-2007, 08:35 AM
Preferably from someone in Winnipeg, but apparently I idiotically threw out her Tail because I didn't know where the hell it came from one time re-organizing my Aramada storage bucket, I still don't know how the hell it came of in the first place since she'd been stored for years without it detatching. It really pisses me off that I never realized just what the piece was until yesterday when I took her off the shelf and it hit me, the piece I'd found in the Armada bucket and thought belonged to Starscream because the colors didn't remind me of Airazor coupled with the fact that I wasn't paying any attention to her so I'd notice the tail piece was missing was the one I mistakenly threw out after becoming frustrated with my failure to identify it.

So let this be a lesson to you; don't throw out any spare parts you find in Transformers buckets.

Yeah so anyway; anybody have an old busted Armada Airazor with the tail intact willin to part with said tail? Or maybe a duplicate you planned for kitbashing and never got around too? If not... Well I'll just have to live with tailless Airazor. :lol