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02-19-2010, 11:55 PM
Hey I received my Perfect Effect Shadow Warrior today, toyed a bit with it and looked on the net and notice there is just not enough photos and reviews about it... so here's so photos I took (some are a bit blurry... sorry my kodak doesnt like really zoomed in objects haha)

Full Equip, with flash on my kodak, to show all the details this work of art has:


Same but without Flash

Size Comparison with Shadow Commander... yes he is REALLY TINY, I was really surprise to see the size of the box he came in... I thought I ordered an old Cassette Tape. He's actually a little bit taller than a Match box... seriously.

Another Size Comparison: Now I dont have the original G1 Rumble, but I have his Alternator self :-)

Just posing

All his gear

Gimmck: his back pack guns can be stored inside his guns/rumble canons thinggy

Transformarion: You first stick the 2 cannons together, fold the feet and put his arms in an L shape

Sorry blurry photo, but WORD OF ADVICE, the instruction tells you to this step at the end... DONT! Do it Before placing the canons, as you fold the head inside, a peg comes out to stick his pistol on, it's really hard because as you push the pistol on the peg, the head moves and the peg slides back inside, not having the canons put on the shoulders enables you to hold the head inside and so make a stable peg for you to stick the pistol on

Then you snap the canons on the shoulder... it's really hard to do,it fits really tight

Then you rotate de waist, and fold the legs and Voilą!

02-19-2010, 11:55 PM
Brand new Gun

Shadow Commander posing, holding the gun... now here's the thing I didnt like: he's very loose in Shadow Commander's hands... I would'vle thought he's made for Shadow Commander, so he'd fit perfectly on him.... but NO he doesnt at all fit on Shadow commander... he's loose in his hands and shoulders

Now we've all seen the screenshots of Shadow Warrior on Shadow Commander's shoulder... Seriously... I have NO IDEA HOW THEY DID IT... I say they Glued him on his shoulders... You need to remove the pistol, and use Shadow Warrior's Peg into the Shadow Commander's shoulder hole... FIRST you need to remove the canons... otherwise, as stated earlier, as you push on it, the peg slides back inside... so you remove the canons, hold the head, and push it inside SC' shoulder hole... but as soon as it fits in... it pops out... it doesnt hold at all :-( You seen the video review of frenzyrumble's video, he couldnt make SW stay stuck on SC's shoulders... I couldnt either... even with patience and time...

and leaving the pistol as the handle... it's WAY TOO LOOSE to hold in place

I dunno if it was intended for this... but you can Peg the pistol on the side of either legs... I think it's a pretty neat Holster :-)

You can also peg the canons as a back pack

+Incredibly Detailed
+Perfectly Articulated
+Price... for all the articulation & details for this size TF... it's nice
+great Update on a favorite G1

-Doesnt Fit with Shadow Commander as PE says he would beside his color scheme
-Shadow Commander's color scheme... would've been better as an original G1 color scheme
-Price... yes also as a CON... because bottom line is... you're paying 30-40$ for a thumb size TF, at the same price you can get a Voyager size, heck more if you're lucky.
-I couldnt find any place in Shadow Commander's truck mode to store Shadow Warrior :-( one less compatibility with Shadow Commander... seriously... beside the color... I dont see how SW is made to go with SC

Is PE-01 Shadow Warrior Worth the buy?
YES if you want it as a stand alone figure on your shelf... NO if you want him as a Shadow Commander's accessory.

I wanted to buy two; one on shelf as a robot, the other as a weapon on Shadow Commander... but I only bought one... and I think I made the right choice... If you ask me... if PE ever makes a 02 with G1 color of the same mold... Jump on it ASAP... otherwise... it's your call... like I said... as a Stand alone Transformer, he's Incredible... Details and articulation alone is a work of art... the draw back is the Shadow color scheme choosen for Shadow commander when he doesnt fit correctly in his hands or shoulders.

Oh and I figured why he's "Shadow" like Shadow Commander... It was a secret never told that Shadow Commander was in fact a MERGE of City Commander and Soundwave... its only Natural that Rumble goes back in his storage unit LOL:

02-20-2010, 12:03 AM

thank you.

02-20-2010, 12:06 AM
hahah love the last 2 pics man, and good review

02-20-2010, 12:09 AM
Great photo review, thanks for sharing!

Just a word of advice from someone who recently learned more about using his point and shoot camera: Check out the "macro" settings (good for close up shots), and read up on how to change the focus so it doesn't just autofocus on whatever is in the middle of your frame (better for those dramatic "gun" shots, so the gun is in focus, and shadow commander is slightly blurry in the background, instead of the other way around.).

02-20-2010, 12:17 AM
hehe will do :-) Thanks!

02-20-2010, 12:41 AM
Cool review! Sucks about the loose fitting-ness though... wouldn't adding material (nail polish, superglue) on the handle/gun help?

02-20-2010, 12:43 AM
Just a Little Update... new photos

02-20-2010, 12:44 AM
Cool review! Sucks about the loose fitting-ness though... wouldn't adding material (nail polish, superglue) on the handle/gun help?

No it's REALLY loose.. the pistol would more require a few layers of scotch tape to make it fit better

And the shoulder... Bah I have no Idea... I'm sticking with my theory of Super Glue

02-20-2010, 01:37 AM
I can't believe he is smaller than the original frenzy/rumble, considering you can bludgeon for less ..... or even bruticus ROTF for almost the same price makes it a hard buy..JM2CENTS

Thanks for the review, love a lot of pics and good description.

02-20-2010, 02:20 AM
added some more photos... done for the night now :-)

02-20-2010, 03:38 AM
Thanks for the wonderful photos Slave. I've news'd much of your article over at Seibertron.com (http://www.seibertron.com/transformers/news/pe01-shadow-warrior-pictorial-review/17904/). The community appreciates the time you put into taking the pictures, and your opinion will help several fans who are on the fence with this figure. Personally this helps so much for me.. I think I'll pass on him and wait for the inevitable City/Powered and Rumble/Frenzy repaints


02-20-2010, 11:50 AM
Sweet thanks!
Sure, spread the news everyone :-)

Someone from seibertron.com asked where do we store Shadow Warrior in Shadow Commander's Truck mode... answer: NO WHERE... toyed a bit with them and I couldnt find any place in Shadow Commander's truck mode to store him :-(

02-20-2010, 01:14 PM
He uses the trailer as a skateboard?

02-21-2010, 01:44 AM
Thanks for the photos and review! These help me decide whether I want him or not, and from what I have seen here, it's most likely not...unless I win the lottery

02-24-2010, 11:12 AM
I just got these in today and I think I may have found a way to make them stick on Shadow Commander's Shoulders.

The glue in the torso of the shadow warrior seems weak. The chest piece separates from the back piece. Which allows the head to slide out of position. Since the peg is attacked to the head, then the peg slides too far into Shadow Warrior, and it doesn't hold on well.

I squeezed really hard while pushing him into the shoulders, this held the chest piece and the back piece together better, and the head didn't move then, so the peg stayed in place.

I'll probably try some glue to keep them together better.

They should have glued them better or made that peg a bit longer. But it is working for me at the moment.

Could vary from figure to figure.

Edit: I was just fiddling with it some more, I find the easiest way to stick em on is to keep his legs folded out in gun mode. Make sure the peg is aligned properly, then put pressure directly onto his chest to peg him in. Once he is in just fold the legs up into position.

I'm glad this is at least working for me, cause I really did buy him for Shadow Commander. He looked naked without rocket launches next to Powered Commander and City Commander. Now he actually has a tag team.

Dragon Knight
02-24-2010, 11:51 AM
I'm trying to picture what this thing looked if it had FOUR of these on him!:eek:

Autobot Hound
02-24-2010, 02:12 PM
Such a neat lil fella!!! He actually got me playing with some of my old minicons again. :)
I don't own a Shadow Commander. Probably never will. But he does fit nice on Henkei Cyclonus.

Nemesis Predaking
02-25-2010, 10:59 PM
Sorry to hijack this thread, but I feel I got to post my two cents on these pieces of crap.

02-25-2010, 11:10 PM
Sorry to hijack this thread, but I feel I got to post my two cents on these pieces of crap.

That's a shame....hopefully the future versions are better ;)