View Full Version : NINTENDO Wii For Sale: Cost Price + 1 transformer

05-16-2007, 12:50 PM
Hi Everyone,
I waited in line for HOURS to get this for my nephew for his birthday. Turns out his parents got him it. Actually was at the store at 6am, and was not the first in line... other ppl were there with their lawn chairs... (wish I had thought of that).

It is 100% completely sealed. Not only is the box sealed, but toys R US has it in some sort of airtight baggie, and that is sealed as well, so you know it is not opened or tampered with. I can show you the receipt as well.

Nintendo Wii Console:
-Includes Wii Sports Game
-Includes Ninchuk controller
-Includes Wii Remote
-Intuitive controller
-Compatible with Nintendo GameCube
-Access Classic Nintendo games with Virtual Console

Cost price for me: $289.99 + 14% tax = $330
(That's $330 Canadian).

I am asking $330 Canadian + one of the following:
Either 1) A loose Cybertron Optimus Prime
or 2) Cybertron Evac with box and insert

Please reply in this thread and send me a pm, thanks for your time,