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04-28-2007, 02:50 PM
Transformers Movie Dreadwing Toy Images (http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/showthread.php?t=131662)

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04-28-2007, 07:16 PM
Looks like a Modified version of Armada Thrust, also looks transformed wrong for that matter, sort of looks bricky.

Dinobot Swoop
04-28-2007, 08:49 PM
When I first saw this fig, I really thought it was actually Armada Thrust's mold modified so as to look like a brand new figure. Now that I've seen better pictures, I can't say I like it. That generic camera lens face bugs me, as it did with the Swindle figure. I know it's a game character and all, and that the movie designs are out there when compared to what we've been used to for the past 22 years, but this is, IMO, ridiculous.